Raw is War

Green Bay, Wisconsin
January 19, 2004


With 30 WWE Superstars in the ring and more than one hour of competition, the Royal Rumble is perhaps the ultimate challenge for a WWE Superstar. On the final RAW before the Rumble, the challenge of challenges just became a higher mountain to climb. Not only is he one of the biggest men in the mix, one of the strongest men to have entered, and perhaps the most dangerous entrant in the Rumble, but Goldberg is now #30. Before RAW, Goldberg was seen as one of the heavy favorites to earn a trip to WrestleMania, two hours later it was clear that barring a shocking conclusion, the 2004 Rumble could be over before it started.

Interim General Manager Jonathan Coachman began RAW by issuing a challenge to all 15 WWE Superstars who will represent RAW in the Rumble on Sunday: After a series of Advancement Matches, the winners would end the evening with a #30 Over The Top Rope Challenge to determine the final entry at the Rumble. The final field was narrowed before the Challenge even began when Spike Dudley – who scored an upset over Kane via disqualification – could not enter the Challenge because of a brutal post-match assault by Kane.

The #30 Challenge quickly narrowed down to the final three – Randy Orton, Mark Henry and Goldberg. Despite suffering a beating throughout the match, Goldberg was able to eliminate Henry, leaving himself one-on-one with Orton. Despite the presence of Evolution cohorts Ric Flair and Batista at ringside, Goldberg not only eliminated Orton for the win, but he did it as only he knows how – an incredible Press Slam from the center of the ring, all the way over the top rope and on top of Flair and Batista. Although the elite from both RAW and SmackDown! will enter the Rumble on Sunday, can anybody throw one of the most dangerous men in the history of sports entertainment over the top rope when he will be the final to enter the ring? Watch Royal Rumble and find out! Click here for Royal Rumble

In other action, the stakes between Randy Orton and Mick Foley were raised when Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the mix. After witnessing a brutal Randy Orton: Hardcore Legend commercial, Austin entered the ring and offered an ultimatum to Foley – arrive at Royal Rumble to defend his honor, or Austin will personally go to Foley’s home and literally drag him to Philadelphia! One week ago, Foley refused to go to RAW in his own backyard despite a free ticket and transportation, will he answer Austin’s challenge and travel nearly three hours to the Rumble? Only one way to find out … watch Royal Rumble exclusively on pay-per-view!

RAW also saw build-up to the Tables Match between the Dudley Boyz and Batista & Ric Flair take a new twist when the Dudleys showed exactly how quickly and proficiently they can send somebody crashing through a table. After Randy Orton defeated the Hurricane in an Advancement Match, Rosey entered the ring to check on his tag team partner. While Flair & Batista celebrated with Orton, they began to attack Rosey, bringing the Dudleys to the ring. During the brawl, the Dudleys brought a table into the ring and attempted to send Flair through it, but he was saved by Batista. The events brought an angry Coachman to the ring to demand the Dudleys put the table away and leave. For his troubles, Coachman was sent crashing through the table himself, courtesy of a 3-D! Clearly the Dudleys are willing to put anybody through a table at any given moment ... does this give them the edge heading into Royal Rumble? Find out on Sunday!

2004 has begun with a bang and the first pay-per-view promises to be even more explosive. Who will be the last man standing? Will every member of Evolution still have a Championship after Royal Rumble? Will Mick Foley answer Austin’s call? Only one way to find out … watch Royal Rumble exclusively on pay-per-view and tune into RAW next week at 9/8 CT on Spike TV!

Match Results:
RVD & Booker T defeated Christian & Matt Hardy in an Advancement Match Chris Jericho defeated Rene Dupree in an Advancement Match

Mark Henry defeated Rico in an Advancement Match

Spike Dudley defeated Kane via disqualification in an Advancement Match Goldberg defeated Test and Scott Steiner in a Triple Threat Advancement Match

Jazz defeated Lita

Randy Orton defeated Hurricane in an Advancement Match

Goldberg won the #30 Over The Top Rope Challenge