Raw is War

Bridgeport, Connecticut
March 8, 2004



The Rock came to Bridgeport to celebrate the life of Mick Foley and the fact that WrestleMania will be where it all begins … again, for the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection. By the end of the evening, it looked as if the pay-per-view event could be the end for this legendary duo if Evolution has their way. As much as the Foley/Rock tandem still represents one of the most formidable tag teams to ever enter the ring, Evolution still has strength in numbers … and on RAW, it showed.

With only six days to prepare for WrestleMania, can The Rock & Foley overcome a major numbers disadvantage? Can they rebound from a vicious assault at the hands of their opponents on RAW? Find out at WrestleMania.

While Evolution has all of the confidence in the world heading into Sunday’s pay-per-view event, it is Christian who has perhaps earned the right to be cocky above all others. Despite her absence from RAW to continue rehabilitation, Trish Stratus played a central role in Christian getting the best of Chris Jericho not once, but twice. Jericho may have a score to settle with his former best friend at WrestleMania, but with his mind seemingly more on his love interest than his upcoming match, can he overcome the crafty Christian? Only one way to find out … order WrestleMania on pay-per-view!

Elsewhere on RAW, perhaps the most stirring single moment during the Road to WrestleMania took place at the beginning of the evening when a casket was spotted in the ring. The site of the casket brought out Kane, thinking that perhaps the Undertaker was lying inside. Kane’s efforts revealed an urn inside the casket that led to an angry declaration that it will take more than an urn to defeat Kane at WrestleMania. And the powers from beyond proved that Kane will face more than just an urn at WrestleMania when the lights dimmed, the gong sounded, and the earth moved, literally. Kane was stunned when the very ring below his feet was lifted in the air, proving that Kane will face more than an angry opponent at WrestleMania, but the spirit and soul of the Undertaker who Kane thought he had finished off. In six days the dead will rise … will Kane be ready? Find out at WrestleMania!

Also on RAW, Stone Cold Steve Austin dropped a bombshell when he announced that he will go to SmackDown! this week to reclaim his ATV that was towed thanks to Brock Lesnar a week ago. With Austin and Lesnar in the same arena just days before WrestleMania, anything can happen. Don't miss SmackDown! to see exactly what happens when Stone Cold brings his brand of law enforcement to SmackDown!

The Road to WrestleMania is over for the Superstars of RAW. Next stop: Madison Square Garden where WrestleMania XX comes to you live this Sunday exclusively on pay-per-view. Who will leave the biggest stage of them all with Championships hoisted in the air? Will the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection be able to overcome perhaps the biggest odds they have ever faced? Watch WrestleMania to find out … and see all of the fallout from WrestleMania XX on RAW next week, live from the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey at 9/8 CT on Spike TV!

Match Results:

La Resistance & Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeated The Dudley Boyz & Booker T & Rob Van Dam

Randy Orton, Ric Flair & Batista defeated Rosey & the Hurricane

Chris Benoit defeated Matt Hardy

Molly Holly defeated Lita

Steven Richards defeated Chris Jericho