Raw is War

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
April 19, 2004


For Chris Benoit, it was yet another magical moment during what was the homecoming of a lifetime. For Edge, it was the culmination of 14 months of tenacious struggle to get back into the ring on Monday Night RAW after neck surgery. For RAW's newest tag team, it was living proof that hard work can overcome even the greatest odds, as Benoit & Edge captured the World Tag Team Championship in front of their native Canadian fans by defeating Ric Flair & Batista.

Despite competing less than 24 hours after both men endured grueling matches at Backlash, and only moments after suffering an assault at the hands of Evolution, Benoit & Edge won the match when Edge hit Batista with a Spear and scored the pinfall. Now, Chris Benoit enjoys the rare distinction of holding two Championships at the same time as he leaves Calgary -- the very place he trained to become a professional wrestler -- as the World Heavyweight Champion and one half of the World Tag Team Champions.

In other action, it seems as if the rivalry between Chris Jericho and Christian has only just begun. Less than 24 hours after Jericho defeated Christian & Trish Stratus in a Handicap Match at Backlash, Jericho and Christian went one on one to open the evening ... and it was then that this rivalry featured a new twist. While Jericho seemed in firm control of the match, a large man suddenly appeared and attacked Jericho, paving the way for a Christian victory. That man, Tyson Tomko, was brought into the mix by Christian as a "problem solver." Now that Christian has extra muscle on his side, what does this mean for Jericho? Stay tuned to find out.

Elsewhere on RAW, Kane promised to make a sacrifice. The Big Red Monster apparently had his sights set on Lita. Luckily for her, Matt Hardy was there to make the save, but Hardy received a Chokeslam for his troubles.

Match Results:

Christian defeated Chris Jericho

Victoria defeated Molly Holly via disqualification

Garrison Cade defeated Tajiri

Chris Benoit & Edge defeated Ric Flair & Batista to win the World Tag Team Championship