Raw is War

Albany, New York
June 7, 2004


Shawn Michaels did not want to wait until Bad Blood to get his hands on Triple H. Michaels, bloodied after his match with Randy Orton, which ended in disqualification when Batista interfered, went through Orton and Batista -- bashing them repeatedly with a steel chair -- as well as Ric Flair to get to the Game. Six days before their Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood, the two Superstars tore in to each other as RAW went off the air! Earlier on RAW, Triple H boldly declared, "I really don't give a damn if I go to heaven ... but this Sunday, Shawn Michaels, you and I will go straight to hell!" If RAW was any indication, these two Superstars will brawl in one of the most emotional battles in WWE history this Sunday on pay-per-view!

Shawn Michaels wasn't the only Superstars looking to gain an advantage going in to Bad Blood. Randy Orton (with help from Ric Flair and Batista) beat down Shelton Benjamin in a vicious three-on-one assault six days before the two Superstars battle for the Intercontinental Championship.

And intentionally or not, it seemed like General Manager Eric Bischoff really had it out for Chris Benoit on RAW. Bischoff forced the World Heavyweight Champion (along with Edge) into a Handicap Match against La Resistance & Kane. Amazingly, Kane sat up just after Benoit hit him with a diving headbutt. Moments later, Benoit locked Kane into the Crossface, but Kane was able to power right out of it and hit Benoit with a devastating chokeslam for the win! If that happens at Bad Blood, of course, we'll have a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Meanwhile, Bischoff announced more matches for this Sunday's Bad Blood:

* Jonathan Coachman will go one on one against Eugene. (It will be Coach, undefeated on pay-per-view, against Eugene, who is totally undefeated.) When Bischoff's assistant, Johnny Nitro, acted overly arrogant, Bischoff forced Nitro to take on Eugene on RAW -- with Nitro's job on the line! Eugene pinned him; thus, Nitro is no longer Bischoff's second.

* Bischoff told Trish Stratus that her biggest problem as of late, Chris Jericho, will battle the "Problem Solver," Tyson Tomko, at Bad Blood.

* Speaking of Trish, the Canadian beauty now finds herself back in the thick of the Women's Championship picture. The Bad Blood match for the Women's Title is now a Fatal Fourway -- the champion, Victoria, puts her title on the line against Gail Kim, Lita and Trish! The match came about after Lita pinned Gail on RAW; Trish subsequently pointed out to Bischoff that she beat Lita three weeks ago on RAW. Thus, there are three top contenders for the Women's Championship, and they'll all get a shot at the title this Sunday!

Backstage, as Lita celebrated her title shot, Kane appeared. He told her that he had arranged for Lita to get her championship opportunity at Bad Blood, "so that afterward, we'll both be champions." A nervous Lita said, "I thought you said this was all over." Kane replied, "I lied."

* Bischoff gave Edge and Chris Benoit a rematch against La Resistance at Bad Blood. That means Edge & Benoit will have a chance to reclaim the World Tag Team Championship, but it also means that Benoit will have to wrestle in two grueling matches on the same night!

Match Results:

Lita defeated Gail Kim

Batista def. Shelton Benjamin

Chris Jericho def. A-Train

In a Handicap Match, La Resistance def. Chris Benoit by disqualification

In a Handicap Match, Kane & La Resistance def. Benoit & Edge

Eugene def. Johnny Nitro

Shawn Michaels def. Randy Orton by disqualification