Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
March 14, 2016
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Then. Now. Forever." The WWE video leads us into the show.

The New Day's music hits, and RAW will be opening up with a WWE Tag Team Championship match. Xavier Woods says The New Day Train is rolling across this world. If people thought their victory at WWE Road Block was impressive, you should see what they did to the League of Booty on Twitter. Kofi Kingston holds up a box of Booty O's and asks if everyone has one. They make sure you ain't booty. Big E says they are not here to merely self promote or shill his new gluteus exercise video called "Big E Butts." Woods says they are here as the two-time WWE World Tag Team Champions. New Day Rocks!

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The New Day (c's) vs. Alberto Del Rio and Rusev

Big E and Xavier Woods will represent The New Day tonight. Big E will start the match against Rusev. They lock up, and Rusev powers Big E to the corner before giving a clean break. A "We want Lana" chant breaks out. They lock up again, and Rusev once again powers him to the corner before kicking and punching him down. Rusev whips him to the opposite corner, but Big E pops out with a clothesline. Big E then applies an abdominal stretch while spanking Rusev rhythmically. Big E then gives him a back elbow. Big E and Woods then start a unicorn stampede. Big E then sends Woods into Rusev with a low dropkick. Woods clubs away at the chest before tagging Big E back in. Big E stomps Rusev before gyrating. Woods grabs Francesca II and starts playing music. Rusev comes back with a kick to the face before dropkicking him down. Alberto Del Rio is tagged in, and he kicks Big E before connecting with a snap suplex for a two count. Del Rio applies a chin lock, but Big E fights up. Del Rio ducks a clothesline and connects with a backstabber for a two count. Del Rio taunts the crowd before missing an avalanche. Woods is tagged in, and he takes Del Rio down with a running forearm and a spinning right hand. Woods connects with the Honor Roll before scaring King Barrett off the apron. Del Rio then takes Woods out with a step-up enzuigiri.

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We come back from the break to see Woods trapped in a bear hug applied by Rusev. Woods tries to fight out, but Rusev knees away at him before connecting with a fall-away slam for a near fall. Del Rio is tagged back in, and he comes off the top rope with an axe handle to the back of Woods' neck. Del Rio then applies a chin lock. Woods fights up and punches him to the corner. Woods gets him on the top rope, but Del Rio grabs the arm and applies the Cross Arm Breaker while hanging over the top rope. Del Rio goes to the top rope, but Woods avoids him. Woods then kicks him and knees him in the head.

Big E and Rusev are tagged in. Big E connects with a trio of big belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E gyrates to the delight of the crowd before catching Rusev with a big splash. Big E goes for the Big Ending, but Rusev gets out and takes him out with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Rusev goes for a powerbomb, but Big E gets out with a back body drop. Big E delivers a back elbow and gives him snake eyes. Woods then takes him out with a tornado DDT, but Del Rio breaks it up with a kick to the spine. Woods quickly throws him to the apron. Big E runs into Del Rio's knee. Del Rio then catches Big E with the double stomp on the apron. Woods quickly takes Del Rio out with reverse STO. Rusev then annihilates Woods with a nasty superkick for a near fall! Rusev cannot believe it. Rusev signals for the Accolade. Rusev stomps the spine, and Kofi Kingston jumps up on the apron. Kingston then avoids Barrett and takes Sheamus out with a diving clothesline to the floor. Kingston then sends Barrett into the barricade. Rusev grabs Kingston, but Woods quickly comes back with a roll-up with a handful of tights for the win!

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day
Match Rating: ** 1/4

The entire League of Nations attacks Woods before Kingston runs in for the save. They send Kingston into the ring post shoulder-first. Big E runs in and clotheslines Sheamus, but the rest of the League of Nations quickly takes him down. The League of Nations poses for the crowd as they boo them. Sheamus picks Kingston up for Barrett to deliver the Royal Bull Hammer. They then pick Big E up for Sheamus to give a Brogue Kick. Woods tries to fight back, but they put a stop to it. They then tie Woods up in the tree of woe, and Del Rio takes him out with a double stomp to the chest. The League of Nations poses before Rusev locks Woods in the Accolade.

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Replays are shown of The League of Nations beat down on The New Day.

Dean Ambrose's music hits, and he comes out to a big reception from the crowd. Footage is shown of Dean Ambrose pinning Triple H on WWE Road Block, but the referee called it off because his foot was under the bottom rope. Ambrose says he wants to be standing here as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but you don't always get what you want. He was so close to beating Triple H, but his foot was under the rope. He was so close to turning WWE upside down and tonight would have been a huge celebration. Ambrose says he wrestled his heart out on Saturday. He put Triple H through the ringer, but he made a mistake and came up short. That's ok because he lives by his sword and dies by it. A loud "Let's go Ambrose," chant breaks out. Ambrose tells everyone to ask Triple H how he's doing. Win or lose, Triple H learned what can happen when you take him lightly and underestimate him. That's what happens when you don't show him the proper respect. That brings him to tonight and the road to WrestleMania.

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and he comes out to the stage to a huge pop with Paul Heyman by his side. Heyman says, "Ladies and gentlemen, inmates of the asylum, inmate who runs the asylum, my name is Paul Heyman, and I serve tonight as a walking border of protection for I am the only voice of reason that's saving Dean Ambrose from catching one hellacious beating at the hands of my beast and eventually your conqueror, Brock Lesnar!" Ambrose asks if Heyman really thinks he needs protection from Lesnar. Ambrose dares Heyman to let Lesnar off his leash. Heyman says he would love to see Lesnar get his hands on Ambrose, but they have a huge mega event coming up called WrestleMania. One of the prime wars for people to sign up to see it is the main event. Any match with Lesnar in it is a main event. The lure of that match is to see how bad the ass kicking will be for Ambrose. Heyman implores Ambrose to stop provoking Lesnar. If Lesnar comes down to that ring, Ambrose will not make it to WrestleMania. Then there will be no one left for Lesnar to fight. Ambrose is the only one crazy enough to step into the ring against Lesnar in a no holds barred street fight. Ambrose says he doesn't have to provoke Lesnar. It looks to him like Lesnar wants to come down and fight right now.

Heyman thanks Ambrose before saying he'll put an end to this nonsense. On April 3, the main event of WrestleMania, which is available for free to new subscribers of the WWE Network, will be Dean Ambrose taking on the only man to hold the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World, Brock Lesnar. As the advertising says, "What are you waiting for?" Heyman then bids the crowd adieu and power walks off.

Lesnar stays behind and makes his way down the ramp. Ambrose unzips his leather jacket and pulls out a crowbar. Heyman runs down and tries to talk sense into Lesnar. Lesnar still advances toward the ring. Lesnar begins circling the ring as Ambrose talks trash to him. Lesnar completely circles the ring before charging the apron. Ambrose quickly charges him and swings the crowbar, but Lesnar quickly retreats. Lesnar angrily stares at him as we go to commercial.

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Ryback vs. Sin Cara w/ Kalisto

Sin Cara is dressed all in black. They lock up, and Ryback powers him to the corner before connecting with a headlock takeover. Cara fights up, but Ryback takes him down with another headlock takeover. Cara fights up again, but Ryback knees him in the midsection. Ryback clubs away at him before putting him in the corner for a shoulder thrust. Ryback throws him aside, but Cara fights back with some chops. Cara hits the ropes, but Ryback takes him down with a Lou Thesz Press before slamming him on the mat. Cara avoids a big splash, but Ryback quickly comes back with a back body drop. Ryback connects with a suplex for a two count. Ryback punches him in the face a few times before throwing him across the ring. Ryback clotheslines him down for a near fall. Ryback then applies a chin lock. Cara gets out with a jawbreaker before kicking him. Cara hits the ropes, but Ryback counters with a powerslam attempt. Cara gets out and rolls him up for a one count. Cara quickly ducks a clothesline and connects with a springboard cross-body for a two count. Ryback drops him on the apron, and Cara punches him. Cara then pulls the top rope down to get Ryback out of the ring. Cara connects with a suicide dive, but Ryback doesn't go down. Cara goes for a slingshot move in the ring, but Ryback connects with the Shell Shock. Ryback picks him up for one more Shell Shock for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ryback
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Ryback grabs a microphone and says that's what happens when a good big guy takes on a good little guy. Size does matter. Ryback suggests Kalisto put his WWE United States Championship on the line against him at WrestleMania. Kalisto just stares at Ryback as he checks on Sin Cara in the ring. Ryback just walks off.

Stephanie McMahon is seen walking backstage. She'll be out, next.

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Stephanie McMahon's music hits, and she makes her way to the ring smiling and waving at the crowd. Stephanie welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW, but the crowd boos. Stephanie says they're supposed to cheer that. She wants the crowd to show the proper respect to the man who defeated Dean Ambrose on Saturday and who will defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H makes his way out to the ring to a decent reception from the crowd. Triple H gets in the ring and kisses his wife on the lips. She wipes off the lipstick and hands him the microphone. Triple H says this past Saturday, live on the WWE Network, the whole world watched Road Block with hope in their eyes that Dean Ambrose was the one that could stand up to tyranny and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and then he failed. Triple H says he beat Ambrose in the middle of the ring because The Authority always wins. Hope is not a strategy. Hope is a dangerous commodity, but that's how everyone lives their lives. It's why people relate to Ambrose and Roman Reigns. They hope that they are going to be the one that can end the reign of The Authority. Triple H says you start out of high school with the hope that life will be great. Then you get a job, get married, and have kids, and then it starts. You hope you'll get that raise and promotion, hope you'll succeed and things will get better. You blame the boss and the authority above you. You blame everyone but yourself. You do this year after year and go home to your wife who hates your guts because you're a failure. Your kids think you're a failure. You hang out with your friends and drink and bitch about the authority above you. You complain about your boss. The same loser friends from high school live on the same hope. At that point, they hope to win the lottery, but they don't. Now thirty years in, maybe they give you a watch or a clock. That part is over because you go back to your apartment because your wife took your house. Then you wind up in a nursing home hoping it all comes to an end soon.

The fact is that's why they love people like Ambrose, and they love Roman Reigns because they think he is the hope. The crowd is mixed to his name. They hope Reigns will be the one to rise up against The Authority. They hope he'll rise up at WrestleMania and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H guarantees that Reigns will fail. Triple H will beat Reigns at WrestleMania. Like he's said time and time again, The Authority always wins.

Dolph Ziggler's music hits, and he comes out looking very serious. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon smirk as he makes his way to the ring. Stephanie says, "Speaking of failures…" Ziggler says he was in the back listening, and he couldn't take it anymore. They want people to know their place. Ziggler says he knows his place. It's right here in this ring. Ziggler says he busts his ass every night for the people. Stephanie says pandering is very Cena-esque. Stephanie says he doesn't know his role because he belongs in the back. Stephanie says Ziggler is good, but he's not that good. Ziggler asks if she's going to threaten to fire him again. Ziggler says she threatened to fire him over a tweet last week. When you get threatened with being fired all the time, you realize you have nothing left to lose. Ziggler says he's never going to quit coming here to work every single day. Ziggler says he couldn't take anymore of them bad-mouthing the crowd. He and Ambrose were screwed by their system. Ziggler dares her to fire him.

Triple H says they're not going to fire Ziggler because that wouldn't be good for business. The crowd loves Ziggler. They're big enough to see the big picture. Triple H gets the crowd to applaud Ziggler. Triple H calls Ziggler a "loveable loser," which is why they relate to him. Triple H says Ziggler is great. Maybe he doesn't have the right people backing him up. Maybe if the right people give him the right advice, maybe he'll get what he wants out of life. Ziggler says he wouldn't side with them if they were the last two people on earth. He wouldn't side with Triple H or his egotistical, tyrannical, idiotic wife. Stephanie slaps him in the face and says she'll give him hope. All the hopes and dreams of the people will be riding on his shoulders tonight. She'll give him any match he wants at WrestleMania with the exception of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. All Ziggler has to do is one thing: win a match here tonight. She'll give all this hope, and it'll get yanked out from underneath him. Ziggler can't understand that he can't win. Stephanie says she'll break his spirit. Ziggler says he won't quit. If she puts him in the ring, he'll take it. Stephanie says he'll go one-on-one with the man, The Game, The King of Kings, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion here on RAW. Ziggler will face Triple H! Triple H stares back at Ziggler as Stephanie starts a mock "YES" chant.

The Undertaker will confront Vince and Shane McMahon later tonight!

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Kevin Owens will be on commentary for the next match. Footage is shown of Sami Zayn running down to save Neville from an apron powerbomb last week. Another replay is shown of Kevin Owens walking off on The Miz on Smackdown. Zayn and Neville then picked up the win.

Sami Zayn vs. The Miz

Charles Robinson, the best referee of all time, is the official for this match. They lock up, and Zayn wrenches the arm. Miz whips him off, but Zayn slingshots over him before connecting with a trio of arm drags. Miz rolls out of the ring. Zayn goes for a plancha, but Miz moves. Zayn then slingshots off the ropes and does a backflip before sticking the landing. Miz pulls him out of the ring and bounces him off the apron. Miz sends him into the barricade, but Zayn jumps on it and does a moonsault block to the floor!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Zayn fighting up from a surfboard stretch. Zayn kicks him in the face and chops the chest. Miz reverses a whip, but Zayn quickly comes back with a dropkick. Miz quickly comes back with a snap DDT for a near fall. Owens threatens to eliminate Byron Saxton from the commentary table. Zayn counters the Skull Crushing Finale with a roll-up for a near fall. Miz immediately clotheslines him down and connects with his patented corner clothesline. Zayn comes back with a pair of clotheslines before Miz kicks him in the face. Zayn clotheslines him one more time before connecting with a cross-body block for a two count. Zayn then clotheslines him out of the ring. Zayn hits the ropes and takes Miz out with a beautiful summersault senton! Owens gets up from the table and approaches Zayn. Miz then takes Owens out for walking out on him on Smackdown. Miz gets in the ring and goes for an inside cradle, but Zayn kicks out. Miz elbows Zayn and scares Owens off. Zayn then connects with the Helluva Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sami Zayn
Match Rating: * 1/4

Replays are shown of The League of Nations beating down The New Day at the start of the show.

The League of Nations is backstage with Renee Young. She mentions that they weren't successful in winning the WWE Tag Team Championships. Alberto Del Rio says they sent a message loud and clear. King Barrett says the message can be translated into any language. Rusev says no one makes fun of him or his friends. Sheamus says they're issuing a challenge to The New Day at WrestleMania. If they accept, it won't be a comedy: it'll be a tragedy.

Brie Bella makes her way to the ring with Alicia Fox. They'll be in action against Team B.A.D., next.

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Connor's Cure to fight pediatric cancer announced a multi-year partnership with The V Foundation.

Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs. Team B.A.D.

Lana's music hits, and she makes her way out to the ring before the match starts. The bell rings, and Naomi immediately takes Alicia down before kicking away at her. Tamina punches Alicia as the referee is distracted. Naomi dropkicks Alicia for a two count. Naomi elbows her in the back of the head before tagging Tamina in. Tamina clotheslines her down before applying a chin lock. Lana is sitting on the commentary table, and Byron actually complains. Alicia gets out and tags in Brie. Brie forearms Tamina before hitting a missile dropkick. Brie starts doing the Daniel Bryan kicks before dropkicking her. Brie then punches Naomi off the apron. Brie knees Tamina in the face before kicking her back. Brie hits a tornado Bella Buster, but Naomi breaks it up. Alicia gets Naomi out of the ring, and Tamina quickly attacks Alicia. Lana climbs the steps and distracts Brie. Team B.A.D. then hits a double-team powerslam/neckbreaker combination for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Team B.A.D.
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Lana throws something at Alicia. Alicia talks trash before Lana tells her to turn around. Team B.A.D. then takes Alicia out with a double superkick.

Triple H will take on Dolph Ziggler in tonight's main event.

The Social Outcasts appear backstage to promote Burger King's grilled hot dogs. They talk about what parts of the hot dog they are.

-Commercial Break-

JoJo is backstage with Paige. She talks about the chaos that was seen out there and in Paige's personal life, but Paige cuts her off. Paige says it's all about making an impact inside and outside the ring. Lana comes up and says Paige is a fool if she thinks she's a total diva. Paige couldn't keep the title, her friends, or her man. That's because she hangs out with American losers. Paige says Lana bounces from man to man and has never had a match let alone a championship. Paige says she'll give her a look at a real diva in the ring if she wants. Team B.A.D. walks up and warns her to not threaten Lana.

Charlotte will defend the WWE Divas Championship at WrestleMania against Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Renee Young is backstage with Charlotte and Ric Flair. Charlotte says she's known them before they were anything. When she met Sasha Banks, she had to hold her hair back because she was throwing up from nerves. As for Becky Lynch, she was always awkward and wanted to be included. Renee says she makes it seem like she never cared for them. Ric Flair says Charlotte called him when she got to NXT and said there were two great girls there, but she has to be better. Charlotte says she is better than them now. The Divas Championship proves it. Renee mentions she'll be talking to Becky and Sasha in the ring on Smackdown. Charlotte says they cannot ignore their history. This Thursday, they'll learn that you can't run from your past forever.

The Usos make their entrance to the ring. They'll be in action, next.

-Commercial Break-

The Dudley Boyz will be on commentary for the next match.

The Usos vs. Bo Dallas and Adam Rose

Jey Uso will start against Bo Dallas. Dallas quickly blindsides him and punches before Jey knocks him over the top rope. Dallas and The Social Outcasts then do a victory lap around the ring. Jey punches Dallas as he gets back in the ring before hitting a running hip attack. Bubba Ray Dudley talks trash to Jey, and Dallas rolls him up for a two count. The Usos start superkicking every member of The Social Outcasts. Jimmy Uso is tagged in. The Dudley Boyz shout at them from the ramp. Jimmy then hits a Superfly Splash on Dallas for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Usos
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Dean Ambrose is seen swinging a crowbar backstage when Mick Foley walks up to him. Foley says he wanted to talk to Ambrose about Brock Lesnar. Foley says he has a gift, but first he wants to clear his conscious. Ambrose vs. Brock is a bad idea. Ambrose will be hurt for a long time. Does he accept that? Ambrose says it is what it is. Foley wants to know why Ambrose wants to do this. Ambrose asks Foley when he was standing on top of the Hell in a Cell against Undertaker (right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), was Foley scared? Foley says he was. Ambrose asks why he kept going. Foley says he kept going because he's Mick Foley, and that's what he did. Ambrose says he's Dean Ambrose, and this is what he does. Foley says he wants Ambrose to take Lesnar on a journey to somewhere more dangerous than Suplex City. Ambrose needs to bring Lesnar into the deep, dark recesses of his mind. The crowbar is nice, but he'll need something special. Foley hands him a red box and says this is a passing of the torch. Foley says, "Bang! Bang!" before walking off. Ambrose opens the box and pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire!

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance to the ring. He'll face Triple H, next!

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Dolph Ziggler vs. Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon

Triple H kisses his wife on the lips before the bell rings. They circle the ring and lock up. Triple H applies a side headlock and takes him down. Ziggler fights up and whips him off. Triple H shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes, but Ziggler leapfrogs him and catches him with a headlock takeover. Triple H fights up and tries to whip him off, but Ziggler keeps the hold applied. Triple H fights up and leans him against the ropes. Triple H whips him off and shoulder blocks him down. Triple H hits the ropes, but Ziggler takes him down with a hip toss. Triple H quickly pops up, but Ziggler immediately takes him down with a headlock. Triple H fights up and whips him off. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and shoulder blocks him down. Ziggler hits the ropes, counters a hip toss, and connects with his own hip toss for a one count. Ziggler quickly takes Triple H down with another headlock takeover. Triple H fights up once again and goes for a hip toss, but Ziggler blocks it. Triple H then knees him in the midsection and goes for a suplex, but Ziggler slides out and rolls him up for a two count. Ziggler catches him with a backslide pin for another two count. Ziggler then cleans his clock with a dropkick for a near fall.

Ziggler punches away at Triple H before having a whip reversed on him. Triple H then takes him out with a back elbow. Ziggler rolls out of the ring to recover. Triple H follows him outside and viciously sends him into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ziggler trapped in an overhead wristlock. During the commercial break, Triple H gave him a gordbuster onto the barricade! Ziggler fights up, but Triple H takes him down with an arm breaker for a two count. Triple H kicks away at the injured shoulder and snaps it off the top rope. Triple H puts him in the corner and punches him. Ziggler starts punching back and gets the better of him. Triple H reverses a whip, but Ziggler ducks a clothesline. Triple H then connects with a running high knee and falls over before covering for a near fall. Triple H picks him up for a release gordbuster. Triple H then connects with a knee drop for a near fall. Triple H grabs him, but Ziggler starts punching him in the midsection. Ziggler hits the ropes and charges, but Triple H throws him out of the ring. Stephanie McMahon nearly got wiped out. Triple H follows Ziggler out and sends him shoulder-first into the steel ring steps. Triple H grabs him by the arm and slams it off the steps. Stephanie talks trash as Ziggler writhes around in pain. Triple H grabs him as he gets on the apron and gives him a vertical suplex back into the ring. Triple H sits on the top rope and looks around at the crowd. Triple H then leaps into Ziggler's boot.

Ziggler ducks a clothesline and wipes him out with a flying forearm. Ziggler connects with a second one before hitting an avalanche and a neckbreaker. Ziggler gets the crowd going before dropping an elbow for a near fall. Ziggler punches away at him in the corner before Triple H throws him off. Triple H counters a superkick with a Pedigree attempt, but Ziggler counters into a jackknife pin for a near fall. Ziggler immediately follows up with a famouser for another near fall. Ziggler sends Triple H into the ropes, but he lowers his head and Triple H catches him with a facebuster. Ziggler instinctively comes back with a spike DDT for yet another near fall. Stephanie looks stunned at ringside. Both men slowly get up, and Triple H falls to the corner. Ziggler runs into his boots. Ziggler tries to come back by hitting the ropes, but Triple H wipes him out with a Double A spinebuster.

Triple H gets up and tries to catch his breath. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but Ziggler connects with a superkick! Ziggler falls into the pin for a near fall! Triple H gets out of the ring to recover. Ziggler takes Triple H out at ringside and rolls him back into the ring. Ziggler gets on the apron, but Triple H gets up and knocks him off the apron and into the barricade. Ziggler grabs his shoulder in pain. The referee is counting Ziggler out, but he manages to get in at nine. Triple H immediately goes for a Pedigree, but Ziggler counters with a back body drop. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag, but Triple H holds the ropes. Triple H then catches him with the Pedigree to win this grueling match!

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H
Match Rating: ** 3/4

The referee hands Triple H the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he holds it up. Roman Reigns' music hits, and the crowd looks for him. Reigns walks out to the stage to a very lukewarm response from the crowd. Reigns charges the ring and takes Triple H down. The crowd is booing as he punches away at Triple H. Reigns gets him outside the ring and sends him into the barricade. Reigns sends him into the barricade again, and the crowd is not responding well. Reigns then starts slamming Triple H's face off the commentary table. Reigns then throws him over the table. The boos are really coming through. Reigns starts taking apart the table, but referees run down. Reigns shoves Charles Robinson down and scares them off. Triple H slams a can of root beer off Reigns' head, but Reigns comes back with a right hand. Triple H winds up walking up the ramp under his own power. Reigns follows him and punches him. They start walking by the production people, and Reigns throws a crate at Triple H. Triple H is bleeding from the side of the head. They fight backstage, and Reigns fights off security before slamming a flat screen TV off Triple H's back. Referees, agents, and The Usos come to talk sense to Reigns. The crowd was a mix of completely quiet and booing throughout.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of what just happened with Triple H and Roman Reigns.

The commentators talk about all the great events during WrestleMania weekend. They then announce Jacqueline as the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Goldust is walking backstage when R-Truth approaches him in a penguin outfit. Goldust asks if he's dressed up as a penguin because they're in Pittsburgh. R-Truth didn't know they were in Pittsburgh. R-Truth says the closest thing they had to a penguin in the hood was a seventeen-year-old pigeon. Goldust refuses to be R-Truth's partner.

Chris Jericho makes his entrance. He'll be in action, next.

-Commercial Break-

Chris Jericho tells a kid in the front row to shut up. Jericho cannot believe they chose AJ Styles over him. Jericho says he's one of the greatest performers in the history of this business, and they chose Styles over him. The response to Styles has been overwhelming, but his talent in the ring is not. Jericho says Styles is a hack. They're all cheering for Styles because they have stuff in common. Styles is arrogant and in over his head, just like the crowd. Jericho had to show him who the general is in this ring. Jericho had to show him who his daddy is. Jericho says he is Styles' daddy. Jericho says he is phenomenal, not Styles. Most importantly, he is the best in the world at what he does.

Chris Jericho vs. Neville

Charles Robinson, the greatest of all referees, is the official for this match. Jericho shoves Neville, and Neville comes back with some kicks. Neville applies a side headlock, but Jericho whips him off and shoulder blocks him down. Neville backflips over a chop block, and Jericho gets out of the ring. Jericho knocks over the steel steps and shoves a cameraman in frustration.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Jericho send Neville into the ropes, but Neville slides through his legs and gives him a jawbreaker. Neville gives him a standing hurricanrana for a two count. Neville may have blown out his knee. Jericho is audibly asking him, "Are you ok?" Jericho gets a weak roll-up, but Neville lightly kicks out. Jericho then shoves the referee to cause the disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Neville
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Jericho says this is what happens when you treat him like a piece of trash. Jericho says he's the best in the world at what he does. Jericho dares them to chant for AJ Styles. They start doing so, and Jericho goads them along. AJ Styles' music hits, and he walks out to the ring. Styles punches Jericho back and gives him the Phenomenal Forearm, which is the springboard forearm to the head. Styles stands over him and poses for the crowd.

The commentators talk about Dish Network possibly dropping some NBC channels, including the USA Network. This would go into effect next week.

The Undertaker will confront Vince and Shane McMahon, next.

-Commercial Break-

Charlotte will go face-to-face with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks on Smackdown. We'll also hear from Roman Reigns.

Vince McMahon's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to a lukewarm reception. Vince says he expected a better reaction than that and has Lilian Garcia introduce him again. She does so, and the reaction is much better. Vince tells them to imagine the night after WrestleMania and a victorious Shane McMahon walks down the ring and proclaims a new era in WWE. There will be even more exciting matches and an influx of new WWE superstars. Shane will also proclaim that there will be a new corporate initiative to bring the WWE to a new successful stratosphere. That would be a dream. That dream will turn into a reality that no one will believe. It won't be reality at all. It'll be a nightmare. The only one standing in the ring the night after WrestleMania will be him. He'll stick out his 52-inch chest and gloat that his son's dreams have been crushed. Vince says Shane will no longer want to be seen in public. He'll be an impotent shell of himself. If Shane ever ventures out again, he'd ask to be recognized as Vince's son. Vince says he doesn't even need to lay a hand on Shane to do this. Someone else will. That someone is the most depraved, sadistic creature in the history of WWE. He is Vince's instrument of destruction. He is The Undertaker.

The bell tolls, and The Undertaker makes his legendary entrance to the ring. Vince McMahon just stares at him as he makes his entrance. Undertaker gets in the ring and stares at Vince. Vince goes to speak, but he's interrupted by an "Undertaker" chant. Vince says he has a little admonition for Undertaker. Vince says, "Don't ever put your hands on me ever again." The crowd loudly boos. Undertaker starts unbuttoning his jacket, and he removes it. Undertaker then removes his hat, and his eyes are rolled completely in the back of his head. Vince says he'll just consider it a lapse of judgment a few weeks ago. Vince says it was a lapse of judgment on his part to bring it up, so he apologizes. Vince says Undertaker knows his name. Vince knows The Undertaker doesn't mind getting his hands dirty doing the devil's work. Vince knows Undertaker won't mind leaving Shane's flesh dangling from the top of the cell. Undertaker won't mind jamming Shane's body into the cell or the fact that Shane's spirit will be in a puddle at his feet. Vince says some may call this an "Unholy Alliance," but he just calls it best for business.

Shane McMahon's music hits, and he makes his entrance to a great reception. Vince and Undertaker just stare at Shane as he does his Muhammad Ali inspired dance. Vince tells the crowd to shut up as they cheer Shane. Shane says Vince keeps talking about what's best for business. Shane says Vince is not what's best for business anymore. Giving the devil his due, Shane says he finds himself in the match of a lifetime against The Undertaker. Shane says he's been watching an immense amount of footage to figure out how to beat him. Shane figured it out. Shane will use his mind first. Undertaker will go to hit him, and he'll miss. Shane will make Undertaker exhausted. Shane will use his body as a weapon. Undertaker knows what he can do. Shane says he'll stop at nothing to defeat him. Finally, he'll use his heart. As long as there's one last beat in his heart, he'll fight for his children and his children's children. Shane is fighting for the future and legacy of WWE.

Undertaker grabs the microphone from Vince and coldly growls, "And it still ain't gonna be enough. You see, Shane, what I have are these." Undertaker holds up his fists. Undertaker says, "And even more so than WrestleMania itself, these are my legacy." Shane says for the last 25 years, he's helped carry this company on his back. Undertaker is the Phenom and the measuring stick. That's why he's shocked that Undertaker is standing and dancing around like a puppet as Vince pulls the strings. Undertaker angrily puts his head down. Undertaker says, "No one, not him, anyone controls me." Shane says from where he's standing, he sees it a little differently. Shane has the misfortune of being Vince's son, but Undertaker is just Vince's bitch!

Undertaker grabs Shane by the throat and goes for a Chokeslam, but Shane gets out! Shane starts punching away at Undertaker. Undertaker grabs him by the throat again, but Shane gets out. Shane backs up, but Vince shoves him from behind into the Undertaker. Undertaker then delivers a devastating Chokeslam to Shane! Vince looks happy about this until he notices Undertaker angrily staring at him. Undertaker charges, but Vince drops down and gets out of the ring. Undertaker signals to Vince that it's over as his music plays. Vince backs up the ramp looking a little worried as Undertaker stares at him. Vince then starts smirking, but the Undertaker continues to angrily stare at him.