Brooklyn, New York
March 28, 2016
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We go live inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as the gong hits. The Undertaker opens the show tonight live from Brooklyn as the crowd erupts. A loud "UNDERTAKER" chant breaks out. The Undertaker grabs a mic. "This WrestleMania...will not be my last." Undertaker said he made it clear to Vince McMahon that the blood of his son is on his hands. "But...Vince's blood very well may be on mine." He understands Shane will fight for his legacy until he draws his last breath. Undertaker says WrestleMania is his yard, Hell in a Cell is his house and at WrestleMania, Shane McMahon rest...in...peace.

Shane McMahon's music hits and Undertaker takes off his jacket. Big reaction for Shane in Brooklyn. Shane grabs a mic. "Hello Brooklyn!" Shane says he is fighting to win and Undertaker is fighting not to lose this Sunday. He describes himself as the instrument of change in WWE "that has been needed for a very, very long time." Shane said whatever is left of his body will crawl into that ring because he will be in control of Monday Night RAW. He said if he has to destroy Undertaker's legacy to get what he wants, that is what he will do. Undertaker tells the rich boy to watch his mouth and that Shane isn't allowed to talk about his legacy. Shane starts walking down the ramp heading towards the ring.

Shane jumps up on the ring apron and wants to talk about legacy. Shane gets inside the ring and starts staring down Undertaker. He wants to take Undertaker back to WrestleMania two years ago where Undertaker's legacy "died." Undertaker said Shane is just like his "old man." He said the very day Shane was born, he's been his daddy's bitch. Shane moves forward with lefts and rights pushing Undertaker to the corner. Shane with tons of body shots. Undertaker launches Shane over the top rope. Undertaker jumps out and sends Shane into the ring barricade. Undertkaer launches Shane against the timekeepers area as well. Undertaker starts clearing the announce table. Shane is trying to fight back. Undertaker with boots to Shane. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride. Shane counters, kicks Undertaker and more right hands. Shane with a big left jab and hits Undertaker in the head with a TV monitor at ringside. Shane clears off the announce table more and hits Undertaker a second time with the TV monitor. Shane rolls back inside the ring, climbs up to the top turnbuckle, jumps and drops a huge flying elbow over Undertaker breaking the table! Undertaker has a cut over his left eye as we see a shot of Shane trying to fight to his feet. Brooklyn starts a loud "YOU STILL GOT IT" chant. Shane fights to his feet and falls back into the steel steps. He struggles around the ring as we see a replay of his flying elbow from the top rope to the announce table. We see Shane getting near the entrance ramp when Undertaker suddenly sits up. Undertaker is on his feet and slashes his throat at Shane. Shane points to the WrestleMania sign as the gong hits and the lights drop. Undertaker continues to recover at ringside as Shane stares him down.

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We are back live as we see the announce table completely torn apart. Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton talk about Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 this Sunday.

Zack Ryder is inside the ring as Chris Jericho makes his entrance. We see footage from earlier tonight where Jericho says Ryder isn't good enough to be champion and how he won't accept AJ Styles' challenge for a one-on-one match at WrestleMania in Dallas. Following the entrance of Jericho, AJ Styles walks out on stage with a mic in hand and brings up his challenge to Jericho. Styles asks if Jericho would rather sit out WrestleMania instead of having a match with him. He adds he isn't leaving here tonight until he gets the match he wants at WrestleMania. Styles stands near Byron as the bell rings.

Chris Jericho vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder with a quick roll up on Jericho for a two count. Jericho launches Ryder over the top rope. Jericho with a baseball slide sending Ryder flying back into the pieces of the announce table. Jericho grabs JBL's hat and starts hitting Ryder with it. Jericho tosses Ryder back inside and lands a quick kick to the ribs. Jericho with chops to Ryder. Ryder with a kick and elbows. More chops from Jericho. Ryder with double knees and a dropkick from the corner on Jericho. Ryder with a splash in the corner and Jericho falls down. Ryder with his boot in the corner, Jericho counters and goes for a Walls of Jericho. Styles gets on the mic starting a "Y2Jackass" chant. Jericho breaks the Walls of Jericho and starts staring down Styles at ringside. Jericho catches Ryder with a clothesline. Ryder with a small package on Jericho and Ryder gets the pinfall.

Winner: Zack Ryder

Immediately after the match, Chris Jericho connects with a Codebreaker on Zack Ryder. Jericho with right hands to Ryder when AJ Styles hits the ring and chases Jericho out. Jericho grabs a steel chair at ringside and starts slamming it on the ground and against the ring post. Jericho grabs a mic and tells the crowd in Brooklyn to shut up. He asks Styles how stupid can he be. Jericho tells Styles he just kicked a hornets nest and accepts his challenge for WrestleMania. Styles smiles. Jericho said Styles can wipe that smile off his face. He brings up how this is his 12th WrestleMania and calls Styles a rookie. Jericho said this Sunday will be Styles' first and last WrestleMania. He tells Styles this Sunday will be the worst night of his life. Jericho walks to the back as we see a shot of Styles smiling inside the ring.

Backstage, we see WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch heading to the arena.

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We see a shot of AT&T Stadium, the site of WrestleMania 32 this Sunday.

Back live, we see Sasha Banks taking a seat at ringside.

Non-title Match
WWE Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Becky with a series of arm drags early. Charlotte with a shot to Becky from the ring apron and pulls her down by her hair. Charlotte mocks Sasha Banks at ringside as we head to a commercial break.

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We are back live as Charlotte catches Becky with a quick kick. Becky with a series of clotheslines on Charlotte and follows with a dropkick. Becky with an elbow and overhead suplex to Charlotte from the corner. Charlotte with high knees and a big chop. Charlotte bails and Becky chases her around the ring. Ric Flair holds Becky as she tries to get back in as Charlotte distracts the referee. Charlotte with a boot to the face and blockbuster combo on Becky. Charlotte gets the pinfall.

Winner: Charlotte

After the match, we see a shot of Sasha Banks looking on from ringside.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Vince McMahon. Young asks if Vince was surprised to see what went down between his son and The Undertaker tonight. Vince said he isn't surprised and knows Shane will do anything to win the match this Sunday. He talks about how Shane will do anything to take over, but warns him about making The Undertaker angry. Shane walks up and says this Sunday at the event Vince created, he will take 40 years of pent of aggression and let it all loose. He promises to control Monday Night RAW. Shane said Vince stole this company from his grandfather and this Sunday he will take it away from Vince.

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We are back live as The Social Outcasts are sitting on the ring apron when Big Show's music hits to interrupt them.

Big Show & Kane vs. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas w/ Heath Slater & Adam Rose

We start with Kane and Curtis Axel. Kane with a quick shot to Axel early. Kane goes for a chokeslam early on Axel. Heath Slater, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas all hit the ring.

The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

The ring fills with everyone involved in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this Sunday. Tons of brawling. Big Show and Kane with a double chokeslam on Mark Henry. Big Show and Kane then each hit chokeslams on The Social Outcasts.

We see footage of Roman Reigns attacking Triple H last week.

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We are back live as WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walk out. Stephanie gets on the mic and tells the fans in Brooklyn to get up to show the "proper respect for my husband Triple H." She says better yet - get down on your knees. Triple H smiles holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. Triple H takes the mic. He said in six days the largest crowd in history will gather to witness WrestleMania and they will watch for one reason only: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. "It is the most important thing in this industry. It is the dream of everybody here. It is the dream of every athlete that will walk out on that stage." He talks about everyone having the fantasy of holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H talks about his legacy at WrestleMania. He talks about being obsessed and how that obsession led him to become the most successful WWE star in history. Triple H calls himself the greatest WWE Superstar in history. "I've had a stranglehold on this buisness and this championship for the last 20 years." He talks about feeling like that obsession went away, put on a suit and go to the office every day. "And then it happened right there on that table. On that announce table four months ago. Roman Reigns powerbombed me." Triple H talks about Reigns lighting the fire of his obsession once again. He said it wasn't long until he was once again the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. "Roman Reigns you have already lost this Sunday." Triple H said his obsession means the end of Roman's dream. "My obsession will ensure that no matter what at WrestleMania, I walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion." Stephanie takes back the mic and said this Sunday is about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. "It's about my husband," screams Stephanie. Roman Reigns' music hits to interrupt.

Roman Reigns runs out down the ramp and hits the ring. Triple H cuts off Reigns with kicks. Reigns with an uppercut. Fans are booing Reigns. Reigns with another shot knocking Triple H away. Stephanie bumps into Reigns trying to leave the ring. Reigns stares her down as she rolls out. Triple H walks up the ramp as the fans boo loudly in Brooklyn. Stephanie hands Triple H the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They head to the back. Roman walks around the ring looking up at the WrestleMania sign.

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Backstage, we see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon leaving the arena.

The New Day is out next to a big reaction in Brooklyn with mics in hand. Xavier Woods lets them know the WWE World Tag Team Champions are in the house. Woods plugs Booty O's as the official cereal of WrestleMania. Kofi Kingston says the League of Nations will never get a cereal. Big E quotes Phife Dawg. The League of Nations music hits to interrupt them.

Kofi Kingston w/ New Day vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ League of Nations

Alberto Del Rio with rights early. Kofi Kingston sends Del Rio through the ropes. Xavier Woods plays La Cucaracha at ringside on his trombone at ringside. Del Rio cuts off Kingston up on the top turnbuckle. Del Rio with a reverse DDT on Kofi off the top turnbuckle.

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We are back live as Del Rio works over Kofi on the mat. Del Rio drops Kofi over his knee with a backbreaker. Del Rio puts Kofi in the tree of woe and gets in some quick kicks to the body. Del Rio gets up on the top turnbuckle, jumps and misses his stomp. Kofi off the top with a quick right hand and dropkick. Kofi with S.O.S. on Del Rio for a two count. Del Rio with a backstabber on Kofi. Kofi with a leaping stomp over the chest of Del Rio for a close two count. Del Rio calls for his armbar. Kofi counters into a roll up for three to get the pinfall.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match, the League of Nations hits the ring and Kofi Kingston bails. New Day starts walking up the ramp when Jonathan Coachman walks out to a big reaction. He said the New Day were his favorite guests on ESPN. Coachman said they are bringing SportsCenter live to WrestleMania this Sunday. He adds that he loves him some Booty O's. Coachman starts dancing with New Day on the ramp.

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We see footage of John Cena on NBC's "TODAY" show earlier today. Cena announced that Joan Lunden will receive the Warrior Award this weekend at WrestleMania 32 during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Footage from earlier tonight involving The Undertaker and Shane McMahon is shown.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Roman Reigns when Bubba Ray Dudley interrupts. He asks if he wants to finish what they started on Smackdown. Reigns walks forward when D-Von Dudley walks up. Reigns with a right hand on Bubba and a shot to D-Von. Triple H then shows up attacking Reigns. Triple H and The Dudley's attack Reigns. The Dudley's hold Reigns as Triple H gets in some big right hands. Bubba tosses Reigns into a wall. Triple H puts the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the face of Reigns saying he will never get this. Triple H bounces the face of Reigns off the title and walks off.

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We are back live and see footage of The Dudley Boyz and Triple H attacking Roman Reigns.

Non-title Match
WWE United States Champion Kalisto vs. Konnor w/ Viktor

Konnor with a series of hip toss takedowns on Kalisto to keep him grounded. Kalisto avoids a shot in the corner, connects with a kick to the head and springboard takedown on Konnor. Kalisto with a corkscrew off the second rope taking out Konnor. Konnor tosses Kalisto away. Kalisto with a shot on Viktor at ringside through the ropes. Kalisto with Kalisto Salida Del Sol on Konnor and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Kalisto

After the match, Kalisto with a tornado DDT on Viktor. Ryback's music hits and he gets inside the ring. Ryback towers over Kalisto signaling he is going to take the title this Sunday pointing at the WrestleMania 32 sign. Kalisto holds up his title in Ryback's face. Ryback stares down at Kalisto and yells, "Feed me more!" Ryback leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as Kalisto starts up a "Lucha!" chant.

Backstage, we see a shot of Paul Heyman knocking on Brock Lesnar's locker room door. "My beast...your public awaits." Brock Lesnar is live next.

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A video package airs plugging The Rock at WrestleMania 32 this Sunday.

Brock Lesnar is out next with Paul Heyman. Footage is shown of Lesnar attacking Dean Ambrose on Smackdown last Thursday. Paul Heyman introduces himself as the representative of the baddest beast on the planet today...Brock Lesnar. Heyman talks about being six days away from seeing a once ever fighter. "A once every athlete, at his peak, in his prime, do his thing, perform at a level not one single member of that locker room can he hope to achieve." He talks about one lunatic believing they have what it takes to bring the fight to Brock Lesnar: that being Dean Ambrose. Heyman gives Ambrose credit. He talks about Ambrose trying to put Lesnar in a situation where weapons are legal to take Lesnar out of his comfort zone of a normal match. Heyman said Lesnar plans to give Ambrose his WrestleMania moment of a lifetime when "Dr. Brock Lesnar takes every single one of those politically incorrect weapons and peforms a most public colonoscopy in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania. This is not a prediction. This is a spoiler. This Sunday night your winner at WrestleMania and still reigning, defending, undisputed lord God and master of the no holds barred..." Out walks Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is bringing a red wagon down to the ringside area. Ambrose starts pulling weapons from out under the ring including a crowbar, steel pipe, baseball bat, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, a fire extinguisher, kendo stick, chainsaw and part of the steel ring steps. Ambrose never actually looks at Lesnar or Heyman putting these weapons inside his wagon and heading back up the ramp.

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We see a photo of Triple H on the cover of "Muscle and Fitness."

Paige w/ Total Divas vs. Emma w/ Team Bad & Blonde

Emma with big elbows to Paige early. Emma with a snapmare and kick combo to Paige. Emma pulls Paige against the top rope using her hair and follows with a dropkick to the face on Paige. Emma chokes Paige in the corner with her boot. Paige with a running knee to the face of Emma. Paige with a fallaway slam on Emma. Tamina gets in the face of the referee. Lana is now in and kicks Paige in the face. Emma covers Paige and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Emma

After the match, Emma starts throwing elbows over Paige. Brie Bella tackles Lana. Summer Rae pulls Brie off. Summer with kicks to Brie in the corner. Tamina drops Natalya at ringside with a right hand. Eva Marie walks out and hits the ring. She goes after Lana and throws her back. Eva tries to embrace Paige, Natalya, Brie and Alicia Fox. They are having none of it. Eva raises the arms of Brie and Natalya.

Backstage, we see R-Truth talking with Goldust. Truth said he can't have his back in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this Sunday. Goldust says they are not a team. Truth said that's what will make Sunday so difficult. Truth blows his nose in Goldust's shirt.

Kevin Owens, Stardust and The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Sin Cara is next.

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We see the announcement that Snoop Dogg will be the next celebrity inductee into the Class of 2016 WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, Stardust & The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn & Sin Cara

We start with Sami Zayn and The Miz. Brooklyn starts up a loud "OLE" chant for Sami. Lock up and Miz works over the left arm of Sami. Sami catches Miz with a side kick to the face. Sami wants Kevin Owens. Owens gets the tag and then immediately tags in Stardust. Sami with a few arm drags on Stardust. Tag to Dolph Ziggler who forces Stardust down into a pinfall attempt for a one count. Stardust plants Ziggler with a quick scoop slam. Ziggler with a front face lock on Stardust. Stardust with rights to Ziggler. Ziggler drops Stardust with a dropkick. Stardust avoids a superkick. Ziggler with a superkick knocking Miz off the ring apron. Owens avoids a superkick attempt by Ziggler jumping back down.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Ziggler connects with a dropkick on Stardust. Tag to Sin Cara who comes off the top turnbuckle with a right hand. Stardust cuts off Sin Cara with a boot in the corner. Stardust is going up top and Sin Cara catches him with a dropkick to the ribs. Owens tries to start up a "MIZ" chant. Miz gets the tag and gets rolled up by Sin Cara for a two count. Sin Cara with chops and a springboard cross body for two. A loud "CM PUNK" chant breaks out in Brooklyn. Tag to Sami who connects with a dropkick to the back of Miz for a two count. Stardust gets the tag and works over Sami's left arm. Sami counters with a suplex on Stardust. Tag to Ziggler who drops Stardust with jumping clotheslines. Ziggler with a splash and swinging neckbreaker on Stardust. Ziggler drops a big elbow over Stardust. Miz with a left hand to Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Miz as Owens cheers him on in the corner. Tag to Stardust who drops down throwing a right at Ziggler on the outside. Stardust tosses Ziggler over the ring barricade and slaps him over the butt. Stardust tosses Ziggler back in and tags in Miz. Miz with stomps over Ziggler. Tag to Owens who gets in a few shots and quickly tags Stardust back in. Stardust with a big right hand. Stardust plants Ziggler with a sitdown bomb.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Miz has Ziggler in a headlock. Brooklyn is starting up a "THIS IS BOOTY" chant. Miz avoids a Fameasser attempt. Ziggler then lands the Fameasser on Miz going for a second attempt. Hot tag to Sami who takes out Stardust (who got the tag) with repeated clotheslines. Sami flips Miz in and knocks Owens off the ring apron. Double cross body by Sami on both Stardust and Miz. Sami leaps over the top rope taking out Owens. Sin Cara off the top with a two count on Stardust. Sin Cara with a modified fireman's carry on Satrudst. Stardust gets his knees up as Sin Cara went for a senton bomb. Tag to Miz and Sami. Sami with an elbow to Miz from the corner. Sami jumps off the top rope, Miz catches him, Sami reverses into a pinfall for a two count, Skull Crushing Finale on Sami, Zig Zag on Miz, Stardust takes out Ziggler, Sin Cara dumps Stardust over the top rope and connects with a springboard moonsault. Owens tags himself in, grabs Sami, Sami counters the Pop Up Powerbomb and connects with a dropkick. Miz and Stardust both jump down refusing to tag out for Owens. Sami is back up, avoids a shot from Owens and connects with a tornado DDT on Owens. Sami with a big boot to Owens in the corner and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Backstage, we see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon heading back to the arena.

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Dean Ambrose vs. Erick Rowan is announced for WWE Smackdown this Thursday night.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are back out. Michael Cole said they plan to finish what they were discussing earlier tonight before they were interrupted by Roman Reigns. Stephanie says the fans look at them with disdain because they all have hopes and dreams that will never come true - just like Roman Reigns. She says the fans might be looking for new leadership and new champions after WrestleMania, but Triple H's title isn't go anywhere and they aren't going anywhere either. Triple H grabs the mic and talks about a lot being at stank on Sunday.

Roman Reigns is out yet again. Reigns is limping down the ramp. Triple H jumps out of the ring. They start brawling near the entrance ramp. Triple H with right hands that overwhelm Reigns. Triple H sends Reigns face first into the steel ring post. Reigns rebounds sending Triple H into the barricade and then giving him a clothesline into the timekeepers area. We see Stephanie signaling for help inside the ring. The League of Nations, Stardust, The Miz and The Dudley Boyz all run out going after Reigns. Triple H tackles Reigns and drops some big right hands. The Usos are out attacking Triple H. The rest of the WWE locker room jumps out separating Triple H and Reigns. Reigns breaks through the crowd and tackles Triple H. Triple H is back inside the ring. Reigns goes after him when the Dudley's pull Triple H out. We see Stephanie standing at the top of the ramp holding up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H teases walking away and then heads back down to the ringside area. Reigns jumps over the top rope and takes out Triple H along with everyone else. Triple H stumbles up the ramp. He grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and holds it up as Reigns looks on from the ring as the show goes off the air.