Detroit, Michigan
July 11, 2016
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"Then. Now. Forever." The WWE video leads us into the show.

The RAW video plays, and we're brought into the arena to see a big pyrotechnics display. A number of superstars are already in the ring, and we're ready for a Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for The Miz' WWE Intercontinental Championship.

The Miz stands on the commentary table and welcomes the crowd to the 98th day of his Intercontinental Championship reign. It's captivating and must see. We're about to witness a Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for his Intercontinental Championship at Battleground. Miz wishes them luck because it doesn't matter who wins because he'll defeat them at Battleground. That's because he's The Miz and is awesome.

#1 Contender's Battle Royal
Bubba Ray Dudley vs. D-Von Dudley vs. Darren Young vs. Aiden English vs. Simon Gotch vs. Konnor vs. Viktor vs. Baron Corbin vs. Goldust vs. Jack Swagger vs. R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas vs. Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings, and a brawl breaks out. Dolph Ziggler is quickly nearly eliminated, but he manages to hang on. Mr. Bob Backlund is at ringside to watch his student, Darren Young, compete. Goldust soon gives Aiden English a back body drop over the top rope to eliminate him. R-Truth pulls the top rope down to get Konnor out of the ring. Viktor quickly goes for revenge, but he's attacked by The Usos. Del Rio applies the Cross Arm Breaker over the top rope on R-Truth. On the other side of the ring, Curtis Axel is eliminated by D-Von Dudley. Bubba Ray Dudley goes to suplex an Uso over the top rope, but he's unsuccessful. R-Truth is eliminated by Baron Corbin. Corbin quickly follows up by eliminating Viktor. Jimmy Uso throws his brother over the top rope, but Jey hangs on. They laugh about it. They then give D-Von a double superkick off the apron to eliminate him.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see the Battle Royal continuing. Del Rio is punching away at Goldust in the corner. During the commercial, Simon Gotch was eliminated by a superkick from Dolph Ziggler. Bubba Ray Dudley also eliminated Jey Uso during the break. Del Rio drops Goldust on the apron and eliminates him with a step-up enzuigiri. Apollo Crews eliminates Bo Dallas by tossing him over the top rope. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock on Jimmy Uso. Darren Young nearly eliminates Dolph Ziggler, but he hangs on. Jimmy goes up to the top rope, but Corbin tosses him to the floor. Swagger charges Corbin, and he's quickly eliminated with a back body drop. Corbin is running through a lot of people. Bubba puts Young on the top rope and punches away at him. Backlund is watching Young's actions closely. Crews takes Del Rio out with a cross-body block. Bubba charges Corbin, but he eats a big boot. Young punches Corbin and eliminates Bubba. Corbin quickly floors him with the Deep Six. Del Rio superkicks Corbin and gives him a step-up enzuigiri. Del Rio gets pumped up and focuses on Ziggler. Ziggler ducks a step-up enzuigiri and gives him a famouser. Ziggler dumps Del Rio over the top rope, but he hangs on. Del Rio takes Ziggler down with an arm breaker before giving him a tilt-a-whirl gut-buster. Del Rio goes for a splash against the ropes, but Ziggler moves. Ziggler superkicks him to the floor, but he's not eliminated because he went through the second rope. Corbin knocks Ziggler to the apron, and they fumble through a few things. Del Rio takes Crews out with a double stomp. Corbin whips Del Rio into Crews, and Crews gives him a back body drop over the top rope to eliminate him.

The final four are Ziggler, Corbin, Crews, and Young. Ziggler superkicks Corbin and tries to clothesline him over the top rope, but they both land on the apron. Ziggler gets in the ring and punches away at Corbin. Corbin grabs him by the head and lifts him out of the ring. Crews attacks Corbin from behind and sends him over the top rope, but he goes over with him for a double elimination. Darren Young has won without doing anything.

Winner: Darren Young
Match Rating: * 3/4

Bob Backlund runs into the ring and lifts Darren Young up. The Miz holds up the WWE Intercontinental Championship as Young smiles at him. Backlund is very pumped up about this. The crowd is chanting "Darren Young."

Mr. McMahon returns to Monday Night RAW tonight. He'll be joined by Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Coming up next, we'll take a look at Brock Lesnar's victory at UFC 200. We'll also see a video of a fight between The New Day and The Wyatt Family at The Wyatt Family's ranch.

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Shane and Stephanie McMahon are talking backstage. She asks why he thinks their father is coming to the show tonight. Shane says with Smackdown Live happening and the Draft eight days away, that could be a possibility. Maybe he wants to talk about Brock Lesnar's win or fire somebody. She says he might be coming to give a promotion. Seth Rollins walks in and says maybe their father is here to talk to him. Rollins shakes their hands. Rollins has a proposition and wants to put the best face forward… like his, the person who should be the #1 Contender. Rollins knows they don't want him talking about Roman Reigns, but he has footage they need to see. Shane says he can show it on The Ambrose Asylum. Stephanie is confused about that. Rollins says he nearly took over for Jon Stewart last year, so he wants to do The Rollins Report. Rollins says Reigns is so disrespectful to the WWE Universe on this video. This is going to be great. Stephanie likes it and allows it. Rollins thanks them and walks off. Shane says this is all on her.

Photos are shown of Brock Lesnar defeating Mark Hunt by unanimous decision at UFC 200. Lesnar's next assignment is to take on the returning Randy Orton next month at WWE SummerSlam. Footage is shown from Lesnar's press conference at UFC 200. Lesnar mentioned Orton at the conference. Randy Orton will be a special guest on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel at WWE Battleground.

Zack Ryder is walking backstage when he bumps into Rusev with Lana. Ryder challenges him to a match tonight for the WWE United States Championship. Sheamus attacks him from behind. Sheamus says if Ryder wants a match, he's got one against him, next. Rusev and Lana step over the hurting Ryder.

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The Spanish commentary team is seen at ringside.

Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring still feeling the effects of the attack by Sheamus moments ago. Ryder takes Sheamus down at the sound of the bell and punches away at him. Ryder then clotheslines him over the top rope. Ryder continues to punch away at him at ringside until Sheamus throws him into the barricade. A "You Look Stupid" chant breaks out directed at Sheamus. Ryder gives Sheamus a baseball slide before giving him a missile dropkick off the apron. Ryder puts him in the ring, and Sheamus tries to beg him off. Ryder boots him in the face and punches away at him in the corner. Ryder goes for the Broski Boot, but Sheamus clotheslines him down. Sheamus charges him in the corner, but hits the ring post shoulder-first when Ryder moves. Ryder gives Sheamus the Broski Boot and picks up a near fall. Ryder goes to the top rope, but Sheamus crotches him up there. Sheamus then lays him out with a Brogue Kick to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus
Match Rating: * 1/4

Immediately after the bell rings, Rusev's music hits, and the WWE United States Champion makes his way to the ring. Ryder tries to fight him off, but Rusev takes him out with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Rusev kicks him in the head and viciously bends his back with an Accolade. Rusev screams that he accepts Ryder's challenge. Rusev lets him go and stands tall in the ring.

Tonight, we'll see Enzo Amore and Big Cass take on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

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Breezango vs. The Lucha Dragons

Footage is shown from the RAW Pre-Show featuring a confrontation between these two teams.

Fandango will start against Sin Cara. They lock up, and Fandango applies a side headlock. Cara whips him off, but Fandango takes him down with an arm drag before taunting him. Cara taunts him back before running into a headlock takeover. Cara fights up, but he has a whip reversed. Cara shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes. They crisscross the ropes a few times before Cara gives him a head-scissor takeover. Tyler Breeze is tagged in, but Cara quickly puts him in the corner. Breeze drops him on the apron and hits a slingshot dropkick. Breeze avoids an avalanche and tags Fandango in. Fandango boots him in the head for a two count. Fandango punches him down and tags Breeze back in. Breeze stomps away at him and tags Fandango back in. Fandango executes a snapmare and follows up with a chin lock. Cara fights up, but Fandango knees him. Fandango punches him, but Cara fights out of the corner. Cara then takes Fandango out with a springboard moonsault block that was nearly missed.

Breeze and Kalisto are tagged in. Kalisto goes for a springboard move and immediately slips on the ropes. They go into recovery mode pretty quickly, and Breeze sends him into the ropes to execute the move he originally intended on: a springboard cross-body block. Kalisto flips under a kick and wipes him out with a vicious kick to the face before hitting a head-scissor DDT. Kalisto avoids Fandango and kicks him in the face. Kalisto goes for Salida del Sol on Breeze, but he's pushed off. Cara takes Fandango out with a plancha to the floor. Breeze rolls Kalisto up for a near fall. Kalisto kicks him in the face and charges, but Breeze moves and kicks him in the head for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Breezango
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Coming up next, we'll see The Rollins Report with footage pertaining to the Roman Reigns scandal.

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John Cena hosts The ESPYs this Wednesday night.

The Rollins Report starring Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins says he has a scoop for the crowd. Rollins tells Anderson Cooper to take a hike, Bill O'Reilly can take a nap, and Jon Stewart can stay retired because the hottest investigative reporter is here and his name is Seth freakin' Rollins. Rollins has obtained exclusive footage from a sit-down interview between him and Roman Reigns. The crowd boos the mention of Reigns' name. Rollins says this is going to blow their minds. This is the very first edition of The Rollins Report.

A video plays to welcome us to the show. A spliced together video of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns is shown. The WWE Championship is behind Reigns, which proves this interview was from a while back. Rollins asks questions about his suspension and the videos of Reigns show pieces where he seems to be saying he shouldn't be in the triple threat match at Battleground and laughing about his suspension.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the video. Rollins says that was straight from the horse's mouth. Rollins demands Reigns be taken out of the Battleground match, a statement that is met with overwhelming cheers from the crowd.

Dean Ambrose's music hits, and the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring to a nice reception. Ambrose says he's glad to see Rollins is finally having fun for once in his life. Rollins says that's a joke to Ambrose, but a joke to him is Ambrose's championship reign. Ambrose didn't win it. He snuck up behind him and stole it from him at Money in the Bank. Rollins says the title is his life, and Ambrose stole his life because he's a coward and can't beat him for it. Ambrose tried to take the title from him last year, but he couldn't do it. As a matter of fact, no one could beat him for the title. Ambrose is afraid and won't give him the one-on-one rematch that he deserves. Ambrose wants Reigns in there to take him out so he can sneak up and steal the win. At Battleground, it won't matter what's gone on in the past. It'll show who is the best member of The Shield. At Battleground, he'll prove to the world what he's known the entire time. He was better than Ambrose before, during, and after The Shield. At Battleground, he'll be better than him again. Ambrose can tell all the jokes he wants, but the fairy tale comes to an end at Battleground when he takes back the title stolen from him.

Ambrose says he likes to have fun and have a good time because he is the WWE Champion. He's the top man in the industry and is on top of the world. Ambrose has proven that he's more than just a utility player. No matter how many guys came in and washed out or got suspended or went to another sport, when the smoke clears, he was still standing. Ambrose says he's the backbone of the industry and the king of this company. Now the whole world knows it. Ambrose says it is fun and paces around the ring. Ambrose says Rollins has known him for a long time. Rollins knows exactly what kind of person he is. Rollins knows how many buckets of blood he's spilled and the miles of crap he's gone through to get here. If he was willing to go through all that to get the title, how far does Rollins think he'll go to keep it? Ambrose tells Rollins to rest assured that it's not a joke that him, Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon, or God himself is going to have to pry the title from his dead hands. A one-on-one match won't change that. It's not happening at Battleground or ever. Rollins can talk all he wants about what he deserves, but he disgusts him. If Rollins wants a match for the title, he'll give it to him anytime and anyplace. Rollins says Detroit is as good a place as any! The crowd is coming to a fever pitch. Rollins says it won't happen tonight. He'll see him next week! Rollins gets out of the ring and shouts that he'll do it on his time.

Mr. McMahon will return to Monday Night RAW tonight. We'll also see Enzo and Big Cass take on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. We'll also see footage of a fight at The Wyatt Family compound.

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It's official: Dean Ambrose will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins next week on RAW.

Footage is shown of a confrontation between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens on Smackdown last Thursday. Zayn then defeated Chris Jericho in the main event. Owens then laid Zayn out with a Pop-up Powerbomb.

Sami Zayn will be on commentary for the next match.

Kevin Owens' music hits, but he doesn't come out for his entrance. He's due to face Cesaro. We go backstage to see Owens talking with referees about how it's an unsafe working environment with Sami Zayn out there. Stephanie McMahon walks up and tells the referees to remove Zayn from ringside. Owens says he always knew she was the smart one in the family.

Referees run down as Zayn says he has authorization from Shane McMahon to be out here. The referees tell him he needs to leave the commentary table and go to the back. Zayn walks off disgusted, but without incident. Owens makes his entrance as Zayn leaves, and they still wind up in a quick brawl. The referees break it up, and Owens gets in the ring and shouts at Zayn.

We go backstage again to see a limousine pulling up. The door opens, and Vince McMahon steps out. Renee Young asks why he's here. McMahon says he's here because of the fresh Detroit air… and also to name the new COO of Smackdown Live. When you think about it, this is a New Era, so they need something bigger. McMahon says he's here to name the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live. She asks if Shane and Stephanie knows about it, and Vince says he's not even sure because he could change his mind. Everyone will find out when he marches them out to the ring. We'll do it live here in Detroit.

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Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

The bell rings, and Owens immediately puts himself through the ropes to keep Cesaro back. They lock up, and Owens applies a side headlock. Owens brings him down to his knees, and Cesaro bridges over him before hitting a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a two count. Cesaro applies a side headlock and cranks it in. Owens punches him and applies a side headlock of his own. Cesaro tries to whip him off, but Owens hangs on. Cesaro finally whips him off, but Owens shoulder blocks him down. Owens hits the ropes, but Cesaro leapfrogs him and takes him down with a hurricanrana. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing, but Owens gets out of the ring. Cesaro takes him out with a summersault senton off the apron. Cesaro goes for a running uppercut, but Owens moves and kicks him over the barricade. Owens puts him in the ring and gives him a senton splash for a near fall. Owens talks a little trash and uses Cesaro's taunt. Cesaro punches back at him, but Owens kicks him and goes for a suplex. Cesaro blocks it and connects with a textbook suplex. Cesaro hits a running uppercut in the corner and fires up the uppercut train. Owens tries to counter with a superkick, but Cesaro blocks it and uppercuts him. Cesaro flips to the apron, but Owens knocks him off and into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cesaro trapped in a chin lock. Cesaro fights up and elbows him, but Owens drops him with a modified neckbreaker using his knee for a near fall. Owens clotheslines him in the corner before going for a cannonball, but Cesaro moves out of the way. Cesaro comes back with a deluge of uppercuts for a near fall. Owens holds on to the ropes to avoid a whip. Owens rakes the eyes and goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Cesaro gets out and connects with a springboard uppercut for a near fall!

Owens rolls out of the ring to recover. Cesaro goes outside and takes JBL's hat before running around the ring to hit Owens with an uppercut. Cesaro puts him in the ring and gives Owens a cross-body block while still wearing JBL's hat for a near fall. Cesaro sets up for a Cesaro Swing, but Owens gets out and boots him in the face. Owens goes for a tornado DDT, but Cesaro keeps him up and puts him back on the top rope. Cesaro dropkicks him and goes for a superplex, but Owens gets out and crotches him up there. Owens connects with a torture rack neckbreaker for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens
Match Rating: ** 1/2

Owens steals Byron Saxton's headset from him. Owens says he's not even trying to be the best in the world, but that's what he is. Sami Zayn runs in through the crowd and attacks Owens! Owens bounces him off the commentary table and throws him into the ring. The referee keeps Zayn back. Cesaro then takes Owens down and executes the Cesaro Swing! The crowd likes what they're seeing.

Footage is shown of AJ Styles and The Club beating down John Cena until Enzo and Big Cass made the save. At Battleground, it'll be John Cena, Enzo and Big Cass taking on The Club.

The Club is walking backstage when Renee Young stops them to ask how they feel about facing Enzo and Big Cass tonight. Karl Anderson says Enzo and Cass are in trouble. AJ Styles says it was a rookie mistake by Enzo and Cass to think John Cena cares about anyone but himself. Cena isn't even here tonight because he's in Los Angeles at rehearsal for The ESPYs. Luke Gallows can't believe he needs practice. Anderson says he feels sorry for Enzo and Cass. They would never do this to AJ. Styles says they'll take out Enzo and Cass before taking a flight to LA, going to the ESPYs on Wednesday, and beat up John Cena!

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Heath Slater w/ Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs. Titus O'Neil

Slater ducks a lock up and chops him, but O'Neil doesn't sell it. Slater is happy about it until O'Neil grabs him and chops him hard. O'Neil grabs him by the throat and continues to chop him. O'Neil throws him across the ring. Slater quickly elbows him back and boots him down. Slater stomps away at him before Curtis Axel gets a cheap shot in. Dallas and Axel do a victory lap around the ringside area. Slater DDTs O'Neil for a near fall. Slater tries to pull him to the corner, but O'Neil throws him across the ring. O'Neil tosses him around and gives him a vicious shoulder block and a clothesline. O'Neil runs into a knee, but he catches Slater coming off the second rope. O'Neil gives him some rib-breakers before throwing him. O'Neil avalanches him and connects with Clash Of The Titus for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Titus O'Neil
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Renee Young is backstage with Sasha Banks. Renee asks if she's ready for Dana Brooke tonight. Sasha says Dana made the biggest mistake of her life by challenging her. When she hit the gym on Friday, she was thinking of hitting Dana. On Saturday when she went to get her hair done, they asked her to shut Dana up. Last night she was watching her cousin, Snoop Dogg, on Family Feud, but couldn't enjoy it because of Dana. Tonight, she won't get mad. She'll get real.

Coming up next, we'll see the confrontation between The New Day and The Wyatt Family at The Wyatt Family compound.

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Darren Young and Mr. Bob Backlund will be on Miz TV this Thursday on Smackdown.

Footage is shown from last week's RAW with Bray Wyatt challenging The New Day. Xavier Woods still looks very conflicted about The Wyatt Family. Woods says everything up until now has been fun and games, but if they don't see the danger to them, then he doesn't think that The New Day will be able to survive. Woods then walked off on them.

We now go to footage of The New Day on The Wyatt Family ranch. The video is very trippy. They brawl with weapons in a ring of cars. It's difficult to be sure of who is hitting who because of the filter on the video. It's clearer when Bray Wyatt viciously assaults Xavier Woods and carries him off. Braun Strowman also went through the windshield of a pickup truck. Kofi Kingston was nearly drowned in a mud puddle. This is a very whacky production. Wyatt is left laughing at The New Day. The New Day then realizes that they're surrounded by a lot of people wearing sheep masks and holding up lanterns.

AJ Styles and The Club make their way to the ring. They're followed by Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Enzo goes through his usual shtick before Big Cass says everyone on the roster is gunning for John Cena's spot. Big Cass wants his spot, as does Enzo. The Club also wants his spot. The difference is if they're going to take his spot and knock John Cena off the mountain, they're going to earn it. As for the three in the ring, they come out here week after week and beat up John Cena. They use the numbers game to take him out of the equation. Enzo says they have no backbone and calls them chicken tenders. Big Cass says after John Cena, who can they go after next? It's only a matter of time before The Club tries to take food off their tables. They stepped up and joined the fight instead of waiting.

Styles says that's a real cute story, but John Cena isn't here tonight. The reason why is because he doesn't care about them. This is his final warning to Enzo and Big Cass. They should turn and walk away. As soon as they get in the ring, his boys will drop them where they stand. Enzo says the only place they're walking is into that ring right now. Big Cass says they'll prove once again that there's only one word to describe them, and he'll spell it out: S-A-W-F-T! This match is next!

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows w/ AJ Styles vs. Enzo and Big Cass

We join the match in progress. Karl Anderson takes down Enzo, but Enzo comes back by wrenching the arm. Anderson gets out, and the crowd is chanting for AJ Styles. Anderson punches Enzo down in the corner, but Enzo comes back with a roll-up for a two count. Enzo keeps him grounded with a headlock. Luke Gallows is tagged in, and he punches away at Enzo. Gallows sends him hard into the corner and head-butts him. Anderson is tagged back in, and he executes a headlock takeover. Enzo fights up, and Big Cass tags in. Cass body slams Anderson and then body slams Enzo on top of Anderson. Cass punches Anderson in the corner before tagging Enzo in. Cass throws Enzo into Anderson. The crowd is really buzzing. Enzo flips into the ring, ducks a clothesline, and rolls Anderson up. Gallows blind tags in and kicks Enzo. Gallows sends Enzo into the ring post shoulder-first.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Enzo fight up from a chin lock applied by Anderson and connect with a jawbreaker. Enzo goes for a tag, but Anderson clotheslines him down for a two count. Anderson kicks Enzo and tags Gallows in. Gallows avalanches Enzo for a two count. Gallows body slams him before Enzo attempts a comeback, but Gallows cuts it off. Gallows runs into a boot, and Enzo fights Anderson off. Gallows tries to stop him from making a tag, but Enzo DDTs him.

Cass and Anderson are tagged in. Cass shoulder blocks Anderson and avalanches Gallows. Cass clotheslines Anderson and body slams him down before hitting the Empire Elbow. Cass connects with a fall-away slam before avalanching him. Cass connects with a big boot before tagging Enzo in. They execute the Bada Boom Shakalaka. AJ Styles pulls the top rope down to get Cass out of the ring. Gallows then breaks up the pin. Styles then throws Cass into the crowd, and the referee disqualifies The Club.

Winners by Disqualification: Enzo and Big Cass
Match Rating: **

The Club surrounds Enzo in the ring until John Cena's music hits to a massive pop. John Cena, who was thought to be in Los Angeles, makes his way to the ring to even the odds. Big Cass joins them, and they clear The Club out of the ring. The Club is stunned as they retreat.

We'll see Mr. McMahon later tonight. Coming up next, we'll see Sasha Banks take on Dana Brooke.

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Footage is shown from last week's RAW when Sasha Banks had a confrontation with Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

They circle the ring and talk trash. Sasha ducks a lock up and punches her down. Dana quickly rolls out of the ring to avoid Sasha. Charlotte motions for Dana to get into the ring. Sasha tries to attack, but the referee holds her back. Dana puts Sasha in the corner, but Sasha punches her and slaps her down. Charlotte looks disgusted with Dana's performance thus far. Sasha takes her down for a two count. Dana kicks her before wrenching the arm. Sasha chops her and arm drags her. Dana drops her on the apron, but Sasha punches her back. Dana then knocks her to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Sasha trapped in a chin lock. Sasha fights up, but Dana takes her down and keeps the chin lock applied. Sasha fights out and goes for a whip, but Dana holds the ropes. Sasha punches her and hits the ropes, but Dana hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Dana shoulders Sasha in the corner before punching her. Dana then does a handstand choke for no reason whatsoever. How does the handstand help? Dana hits a cartwheel splash for a two count. Dana then goes back to the chin lock. Sasha fights up, but she's taken down. Sasha soon boots her down and hits a pair of clotheslines followed by a dropkick. Sasha blocks a kick and kicks her instead. Sasha lays her out on the corner ropes and hits a double knee for a two count. Dana comes back with a kick to the midsection, but Sasha sends her face-first into the turnbuckle. Sasha goes to the top rope, but Dana cuts her off. Sasha pushes her off and hits a cross-body block for a near fall. Sasha can't believe she didn't put her away. Charlotte is getting angry with Dana.

Dana blocks a Bank Statement and clotheslines her. Dana picks her up on her shoulders, but Sasha slides off and applies the Bank Statement. Dana nearly makes it to the bottom rope, but Sasha rolls her away from it and keeps it applied. Dana taps out.

Winner by Submission: Sasha Banks
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Charlotte derisively congratulates Sasha on the win, but doesn't think she's a worthy competitor for her WWE Women's Championship. Any fool can win the lottery, but it doesn't mean they're deserving. Charlotte suggests Sasha face Dana again on Smackdown and maybe she'll be deserving of a title opportunity. Charlotte asks if she's worthy or just some empty hype. If she's up to it, she'll see her on Thursday. Charlotte gives her a WOO.

Mr. McMahon is walking backstage. He'll be out, next.

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At WWE Battleground, Dean Ambrose will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The WWE Champion going into that match will be determined next week as Ambrose will defend against Rollins on RAW.

Vince McMahon Returns

Shane McMahon makes his entrance to a great reception from the crowd. Shane waits in the ring. Out next is Stephanie McMahon, who comes out to a very light reaction.

Mr. McMahon's music hits, and he comes out to a great reception. McMahon does his trademark strut down to the ring as the crowd (and his children in the ring) give him a round of applause. McMahon says his children have done a pretty fair job, but he's personally a little disappointed in both of them because it seems like neither one of them came from his loins. McMahon can't believe Stephanie is acting all sweet coming out every week. Who the hell is she? She says she's his daughter. Stephanie asks the crowd if she's sweet, and they resoundingly say she isn't. As for Shane, he shouldn't even be here because he lost at WrestleMania. The only reason he's here is because the people respect him after the dive at WrestleMania. Where is the ruthless aggression? McMahon was expecting them to stab each other in the back and slit each other's throats. McMahon wants competition. The crowd chants, "Shane O'Mac." One of them has to convince him they should be the commissioner of Smackdown Live.

Stephanie says she doesn't need to list her accolades. Since she took control, they started up the WWE Network, had the biggest WrestleMania of all time, and turned profits every quarter. If her father wants the gloves off, then fine. She was watching Mick Foley's podcast with Shane. The reason Shane left for seven years was because Vince didn't pat him on the back enough. Shane also thinks he knows more about WWE than Vince. That's just what he said on the podcast. That's nothing compared to what he says behind his back. Shane is stabbing Vince in the back every chance he gets. The only villain in the ring is the wolf in sheep's clothing in the ring.

Vince tells Shane to convince him. Another "Shane O'Mac" chant breaks out. Stephanie says the only reason they chant that is because he kisses their butts. Vince lowers her microphone. Shane says he returned to WWE five months ago right here in this very ring in this very arena in Detroit Rock City. Shane says that ovation humbled and rocked him. He'll forever say, "Thank you, Detroit." Let's get down to why he should run Smackdown Live. They didn't just go bonkers for his return: he represents change. It's change that he would bring to Smackdown Live. He would change how it's shot, how it looks, and how it feels. He will break all the glass ceilings they put in place because it's choking the business. Shane says he is the only one in this business and on Earth that tells Vince what's on his mind in a respectful way, but without kissing his ass. Change is difficult, but it is possible. Tonight, Vince can make history. Change is what's needed in WWE. If the Chairman of the Board still has the grapefruits, then he should pick him because things in WWE need to change. Shane says to not just take his word, take the crowd's. The crowd boos Stephanie and wildly cheers Shane.

Vince says he could care less what the people think. That's not the way to run a business. One of them has to be named commissioner of Smackdown Live. Vince asks for a drumroll, and it cues up. The new commissioner of Smackdown Live is Shane McMahon! Shane celebrates wildly as the crowd gives him an unbelievable ovation. Vince tells him to curtail the celebration. Vince is relieving him of his responsibilities on Monday Night RAW. The new commissioner of Monday Night RAW, the juggernaut and flagship of WWE, is Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie celebrates.

Vince says he's not finished. He wants the two of them to compete for real. He wants them to compete in terms of ratings and social media metrics. He wants live event attendance and merchandise numbers up. If they compete, one of them might inherit the keys to the kingdom. He doesn't care if they break the law as long as they don't get caught. Which one of them is going to prove to him that they should inherit the keys to the kingdom? They both need a General Manager to compete on this level and run the day-to-day things. Next week on RAW, they'll both name a General Manager each. If they don't, Vince will name it for them. Vince says, "Let the games begin!" Vince then leaves the ring.

Stephanie says all her life she's had to work twice as hard for half the recognition. Shane tried to make her feel like nothing. She'll let him know what that feels like when she buries him and Smackdown. She'll make him wish he was never born a McMahon or, for that matter, even born. Shane says she said that with a lot of conviction and venom. Shane says he doesn't see anger or intensity but rather fear. She's seen this movie before and at the end, she'll be looking up to him as always. Shane says, "Game on." Stephanie says, "There's only one game in this business, and I'm married to him." She then slaps him in the face. She gets on the apron and he approaches her. She dares him to hit her. Shane instead gives her a light peck on the cheek. Stephanie slips as she goes down the ring steps, and the crowd has a good laugh along with Shane. Shane thanks Detroit and says he loves the town.