Sacramento, California
September 29, 2023
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WWE SmackDown kicks off with Jimmy Uso’s music playing as he walks down to the ring with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman.

The fans boo as Heyman introduces himself. He says that here from SmackDown, from this hell hole called Sacramento, California, they acknowledge their Tribal Chief. All three men raise their hands. He asks why they acknowledge their Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, is because it’s in his name that last week the second greatest of all time, John Cena, took a beating at the hands of the Bloodline.

Heyman points to the titantron as we see the Bloodline attacking AJ Styles and John Cena last week on SmackDown.

Back in the ring, Jimmy is laughing. Heyman says that Cena is having some transportation issues this evening and while he is expected to make it this evening, you can’t see John Cena because as of this moment, Cena is not here at SmackDown. Heyman says AJ Styles also isn’t on SmackDown and that is because he is in a hospital bed watching them this evening.

As Heyman is speaking, Jimmy extends his arm asking for the microphone and grabs it from Heyman’s hands. Jimmy tells the crowd that the Bloodline is in their city. Jimmy says Heyman is too kind and that the real reason Cena is not here tonight is because he is scared of Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy tells Cena to stay far away from the Bloodline, if not, they will take care of him the same way they took care of AJ Styles. As he is talking, Karl Anderson attacks them from behind. He throws Solo and Jimmy to the outside. Anderson says it is personal, it is OC business.

Solo tells Jimmy that he better handle it or else he will handle it for him.

-Commercial Break-

Karl Anderson vs. Jimmy Uso with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa

Back from commercial and the match is already under way. Anderson with right hands and stomps onto Jimmy. A kick to the face by Anderson. Jimmy to the ropes as Anderson hits him with a spinebuster. He goes for the cover but Jimmy kicks out. An uppercut by Anderson in the corner. He places Jimmy on the top rope as Solo gets on the ring apron and that distracts the referee and Anderson. Jimmy with a rake to the eyes. Right hands by Jimmy followed by a super kick. Jimmy climbs the top rope and he lands the Uso Splash. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

Anderson gets to his feet as he and Jimmy start to fight. Solo gets in the ring and hits him with the Samoan Spike.

As the Bloodline are walking to the back, out comes Michin. Jimmy points to Anderson and she slaps him in the face and runs to the ring.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Santos Escobar. She asks him about his match against Rey tonight for the United States Championship. He tells her that in his mind, he is very focused but his stomach has butterflies. This match is about heart. He said it before, it has been his dream to face Rey with the title on the line but he has been working his entire life for this to happen. And he has a chance to make it come true. And he will never stop fighting for his dream. Escobar says that Rey is in for the fight of his life.

-Commercial Break-

The Bloodline are walking backstage and Jimmy is yelling at and pushing WWE employees. Heyman grabs his phone and calls Roman Reigns.

The Grayson Waller Effect – Grayson Waller with Bobby Lashley

Waller is in the ring with the plants, table and chairs. He says John Cena might be the greatest of all time but he isn’t the greatest of being on time. But not to worry because once more, Grayson Waller is here to save the show. He says his guests just keep getting bigger and his guest tonight is someone who has done it all in WWE. AS a performer he has but as a talent scout, he is struggling. But tonight he gets the one thing he is missing the most, the Grayson Waller rub. He introduces Bobby Lashley to the ring.

Lashley comes down smiling as Waller does push ups in the middle of the ring. We see clips of the Street Profits losing against Rey and Santos Escobar last week. Lashley gets in the ring as both men shake hands and sit.

Waller says his boys the Street Profits had a devastating loss last week on SmackDown. Lashley says he made a mistake. He thought they had enough pride to do what it takes to make it into the business. But it is back to the drawing board. Waller tells him if he is looking for a tag team, he might be looking for a team that is undefeated. A team like Austin Theory and Grayson Waller.

Lashley looks at him and says he will pass on that. Waller tells him he Theory has changed and as he is speaking, out come the Street Profits.

Lashley stands up as he and the Street Profits are face to face. Lashley says he doesn’t want to hear excuses or reasons. If they want something out of him, to prove it. He looks at them and leaves the ring. the Street Profits follow Lashley as Lashley tells them to prove it and walks away.

Waller says it is awkward but they need to bring the crowd back. Austin Theory’s music hits and Theory comes out to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Cameron Grimes vs. Austin Theory with Grayson Waller

Dragon Lee is in attendance as the bell rings and we are under way. Grimes with a big boot and a chop to the chest. Grimes with an atomic drop followed by kicks. He goes for the cover but Austin kicks out. Grimes grabs Austin by the leg but Theory kicks him away. Left hands by Theory in the middle of the ring. Theory runs towards Grimes but Grimes kicks him away. He climbs the top rope and lands a cross body. Grimes goes for the cover but Theory kicks out. Grimes with a German suplex but Theory kicks out. Grimes clotheslines Theory to the outside. Grimes on the ring apron and he kicks Theory in the face. Waller gets in Cameron’s face and distracts him. Theory grabs Grimes and throws him into the ring post and back into the ring. Theory with a rolling drop kick followed by A-Town Down. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Austin Theory

Austin Theory walks towards Dragon Lee who is in attendance and shoves him as the WWE official breaks it up. Theory and Waller leave with Waller telling Theory that he is better than that and to celebrate.

Kayla is backstage with Rey Mysterio. She asks him about Escobar’s comments from earlier and he tells her that LWO is family. He knows how hard Santos has worked, he grew up watching his dad. He has nothing but love and respect for Santos. But to be careful what you wish for. And every time he steps in the ring, he expects the best from his opponent. He tells Escobar that he is going to give him the fight of his life and he walks down to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We cut backstage and we see Jimmy beating up on Ashante “Thee” Adonis with B-Fab telling him to stop it. In come WWE officials who break it up. Jimmy tells Solo to attack him as Solo slams him through a table. Jimmy tells Solo that Ashante will not be John Cena’s partner.

WWE United States Championship – Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Santos Escobar

Zelina Vega is at ringside. Both men shake hands as the bell rings and we are under way. Escobar with a waist lock take down as Rey gets out of it and both men to their feet. Santos with an arm bar and Escobar throws him onto the ring apron. Rey with a kick but Escobar with a kick knocks Rey down to the outside. Escobar with a splash over the top rope onto Rey.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Escobar with an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. Rey gets out of it, Escobar runs to the ropes and hits him with a drop kick. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Rey to the ropes and a head scissor take down as Escobar falls to the outside of the ring. Rey with a cross body onto Escobar on the outside. He throws Escobar back into the ring and Rey hits him with a seated senton followed by a cross body.

We cut to a camera backstage and we see Jimmy Uso and Solo attacking WWE officials.

Back in the ring, Rey hits Escobar with a kick to the side of the head. Rey gets Santos on the second rope and goes for the 619 but Escobar hits him with a super kick and Rey falls to the outside. Escobar with a suicide dive onto Rey on the outside of the ring. Escobar with a moon sault off the barricade. He throws Rey back into the ring. Escobar runs towards Rey and he hits him with a knee to the face. Escobar with another knee to the face. He places Rey on the top rope and Escobar climbs the second rope but Rey with right hands knocks him down. Escobar back to his feet and he kicks Rey. Escobar climbs the top rope and lands a hurricanrana. Escobar with a splash. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Escobar lifts Rey up and twists Rey’s shoulders but Rey rolls out of it. Escobar on the ring apron and he kicks Rey in the face. Escobar climbs the too rope and goes for a cross body but Rey moves out of the way. Rey goes for a cross body off the second rope but Escobar moves out of the way. A back breaker by Escobar. Rey runs towards Escobar but Escobar gets him on his shoulders in a modified torture rack backbreaker. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Escobar with a chop to the chest and he throws Rey to the ropes but Rey with a kick. Rey rolls Escobar up but Escobar kicks out. Rey on the ring apron and he hits Escobar with a right hand. Escobar in the corner as Rey climbs the second rope and lifts Escobar up onto the top rope. Rey goes for a hurricanrana but Escobar lifts Rey up on his shoulders. Rey with right hands and elbows. Rey with a modified hurricanrana.

He dropkicks Escobar and he falls onto the second rope. Rey goes for the 619 but Escobar grabs him by the legs. He lifts Rey up but Rey drops Escobar onto the second rope and he hits him with the 619. Rey climbs the top rope and goes for the frog splash but Escobar moves out of the way. Escobar goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Escobar lifts Rey up on his shoulders and goes for the Phantom Driver but Rey reverses it into a cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Still WWE United States Champion, Rey Mysterio

Rey lifts the United States Championship and celebrates as Escobar is disappointed in himself. Rey approaches Escobar but the Street Profits attack Rey and Escobar from behind. Rey is thrown to the outside of the ring and they double team Escobar who falls to the outside of the ring.

Bobby Lashley’s music hits and out he comes smiling. He begins to clap and tells them that they have it in them. Joaquin Wilde and Del Toro run down but they get attacked by Lashley and the Street Profits.

Dragon Lee tries to jump the barricade but security holds him back. Wilde is thrown into the ring and the Street Profits hit him with the Cash Out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, the LWO are backstage and in comes Kayla. She congratulates Rey on his win but Escobar cuts her off. He says this is the best night of his life, of his career but the Street Profits attacked them. Rey tells her that the LWO challenges Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits at Fastlane.

The announce team talk about Jade Cargill signing with WWE.

We see John Cena driving to the arena.

-Commercial Break-

An Elton Prince recovery video airs as we see him on a wheelchair. The Brawling Brutes are backstage walking that and Butch tells Holland he wishes he would have broken Elton’s leg.

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY

Before the bell rings, Charlotte grabs a microphone and asks Bayley what happened to her. She is one of the four horsewomen while now it looks like she is happy being on the sideline holding IYO’s Championship. She tells Bayley she is a stepping stone while she is the measuring stick. And after she beats her tonight, she will challenge IYO for the WWE Women’s Championship at Fastlane. Flair throws the microphone as the bell rings and we are under way. Bayley with right hands onto Flair. She throws Flair in the corner and stomps on her, hitting her with right hands. Flair grabs Bayley and throws her in the corner, hitting her with a chop to the chest. Flair on the ring apron and a big boot onto Bayley. She distracts the referee as IYO grabs Flair’s foot and Bayley knocks Flair down onto the outside. Bayley with an elbow drop.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Flair with a crossbody onto Bayley in the middle of the ring. A chop to the chest by Flair knocking her down. Flair with a fall away slam followed by a clothesline. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Flair attacks Bayley’s left knee. Flair with a big boot. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Flair climbs the top rope but Bayley trips her down. Bayley with right hands and she places Flair horizontally on the second rope, hitting her with the double knees. A sunset flip by Bayley. She goes for the cover but Flair kicks out. Bayley with a chop to the chest as she runs to the ropes but Flair hits her with a spear. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Bayley asks for a microphone. She tells Flair that they are going to end her tonight. Damage CTRL circle the ring and get on the ring apron. Asuka’s music hits and out she comes to the ring. Damage CTRL back off and leave as Asuka begins to yell in Japanese. Bayley tells Asuka if she wants a triple threat match between herself, Charlotte Flair and IYO SKY for the Women’s Championship at Fastlane, she got it. IYO SKY tells Bayley that isn’t what Asuka said.

We cut to the back and see John Cena walking with the contract.

-Commercial Break-

John Cena’s music hits as he runs down to a loud pop from the crowd. He is introduced as the greatest of all time as Cena has the contract with him. The fans chant “Cena” as he tells them that he hears them and he knows they hear him. He says last week he said he came back to compete and he wants a match.

Cena says the Bloodline did not take too kindly to that and they left him knocked out. But they also left him with the contract. A signed contract for a match against the Bloodline at Fastlane. Cena says there is a big problem because he doesn’t have a partner. Cena says tonight is very important because now he has a choice. He can rip up the contract and act like it never happened or he can stand and fight. He asks the fans what they think a man who wears “Never Give Up” on his heart will make. The fans cheer. He says if he doesn’t find a partner for Fastlane, he will fight them in a two on one handicap match.

Jimmy’s music hits and out he comes with Solo and Heyman. Jimmy says look who finally showed up. Jimmy tells Cena is out here talking about Fastlane but did he not see what they did backstage. They get on the ring apron and Jimmy tells Cena he is not making it to Fastlane. Cena with a right hand knocks Jimmy off the ring apron. He tells Solo to get in the ring. Solo gets in the ring, he goes for the Samoan Spike, Cena ducks and goes for the AA but Jimmy hits him with a superkick.

Cena falls to the outside as Jimmy clears the announce table. Jimmy places Cena on the table and as he begins to climb the ring steps, Solo stops him. Solo climbs the ring steps and climbs the top rope. LA Knight’s music hits and he runs down to the ring. LA Knight gets in the ring and he hits Jimmy with a clothesline. He stomps on Jimmy and he hits Solo with right hands. LA Knight with a neckbreaker. LA Knight slams Jimmy down onto the mat and hits him with the elbow. Cena gets in the ring and he throws Solo to the outside as LA Knight throws Jimmy to the outside.

LA Knight and John Cena are face to face in the middle of the ring. LA Knight grabs the contract and signs it. He gives Cena the contract as Cena raises it in the air and SmackDown goes off the air.