NWA World Championship Wrestling

April 6, 1985

Tony Schiavone and David Crockett host the show.

Ivan and Nikita Koloff (NWA Tag Team Champions) defeated George South and Greg Stone easily when Nikita does a Russian Sickle on his opponent.

Ric Flair is interviewed in studio.  He announces that he has returned back to the NWA.

Jimmy Valliant is in action and wins with an Elbow Drop.

Tully Blanchard defeated Sam Houston with a Suplex.

NWA TV Champion Dusty Rhodes is interviewed in studio.

Billy Graham defeated Rocky King with a Full Nelson submission.

A video package of Magnum TA is shown.

Michael PS Hayes is interviewed in studio.

Rick Flair defeated Gene Liggin with a Figure Four Leg Lock submission.

Jimmy Valliant is interviewed in the studio.

Arn Anderson vs. Raging' Bull Manny Fernandez.  Ole Anderson comes out and the two attack Fernandez on the outside.  Thunderbolt Patterson comes out, but Arn beats him up.  Ole comes over to help Arn beat on Patterson.  Several wrestlers come out to break up the fight and help Patterson.

The Koloffs are interviewed as the NWA Tag Team Champions.

Ric Flair is interviewed again in the studio.

Magnum TA (NWA US Champion) defeated Paul Barnett with a Belly to Belly Suplex in a match that lasted about one minute.

The Barbarian defeated Joshua Straud with a Top Rope Headbutt.

Dusty Rhodes is interviewed in the studio again.

Tully Blanchard is interviewed along with the Perfect 10.

Buddy Landell (accompanied by J J Dillon) defeated David Dillinger with a Figure Four Leg Lock.

J J Dillion is interviewed in the studio.

Black Bart defeated Ron Rosey with a Leg Drop after he threw Rosey out of the ring and broke off the second rope!

Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson are interviewed about the match that took place earlier in the show.

A video package of Jimmy "The Boogey Woogey Man" Valliant is shown to music of a "Beach Boys" like band.

A Dusty Rhodes interview is shown that took place shortly after he won the NWA TV Championship: He is ready to party!